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    If you had to pick strictly on looks

    Just on looks? A "white" blue eyed siberian Husky! This is of course as someone else said, providing the looks groom themselves too. If not...then I would have to say a blue-eyed Dalmatian.
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    Dalmatian Training Glitches

    Jinx...I am 99% sure is going to FLUNK CGC. For one exercise: Supervised separation ie, he whines. Which doesnt make sense to me because he crates perfectly whether I am home or not he is quiet. And the practice tests I am out of sight and hearing range which is usually what sets them off...
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    The weirdest misidentification?

    Jester, my long-hair double dapple dachshund, gets this all the time: I have one neighbor who swears he is a sheltie [what part of five inches tall dog doesnt she understand LOL] and the plumber the other day was just sure he is a Brittany spaniel, and he confessed to having a dachshund...
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    Teeny's best friend is looking for a home :*(

    What state are you in? Can I crosspost this? Is he neutered? UTD on shots?
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    Can you teach Lucky, Twist's name--sit them both down nearby with you in the middle, say, "Lucky, where's Twist?" And lure Lucky into looking toward Twist and then treat them both, Lucky first? If looking at Twist and not growling earns a treat ... just my thoughts.
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    Another Guess The Breed post!

    Looks GWP to me, what a great looking doggy! Very pretty!
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    What breed ages best?

    I have had a 19 year old dachshund and a 22+ year old dalmatian; but both were probably exceptions to the average. I have heard that Schipperke [sp?] have great longevity and stay young-ish for many years.
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    What's your favorite dog breed?

    My favorites are Dachshunds and Dalmatians, but I also really like Cardigan Corgis. What a fun thread!
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    Nothing I can do

    Thankyou for keeping us updated, you are in our thoughts. Take care and hugs to you.
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    Happy Birthday, Brattina

    So sorry this is late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brattina! Hope you had a great one!
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    Midnight pictures--lots

    Hey this is great, congrats! How did it all happen?
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    puppy shots and flea control

    Hi, the puppy vaccination plan I am using is @ 6 weeks, 2nd at 9 weeks, 3rd at 12 weeks and 4th at 15 weeks w/ rabies. I would NOT walk your puppy anywhere there have been other dogs until after 13 weeks and 3 shots minimum; I use a mild flea shampoo and Frontline on my puppy. Hope this helps.
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    I'm really not sure what to think of this comment

    A friends [VERY large 120 pound, same weight as me] dog who I was babysitting, was on a flexi when I took her out to potty one morning, she bolted to chase a critter and hit the end of the 25' flexi [which did not break] and because it all happened so fast, I held onto the leash handle, the dog...
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    Decided to rehome bruno

    Things happen. People make mistakes. Having said that...a live animal is involved here. If you accept your commitment to this dog then do whatever it takes to make things work. You say you dont like kids, but you already have one: Your dog. You may have to put up with your sisters baby so...