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Nov 12, 2012
Bentonville, AR
If you could only pick 20 items (or less) of must have dog supplies... what would be on your list? Not including food. Toys, treats, clothes, leashes, whatever. What are items/companies/products you just LOVE and would not be without?

I'm looking for some inspiration. I'm not very unique when it comes to dog products. (Sizzle has pretty much encouraged a lot of my "Oooh this looks cool!" shopping.)

(Psst. This could be great for those participating in Secret Santa! :p)


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Oct 9, 2009
Poopbags. And holder. It HAS to be EarthRated. It helps that I won a crapton of them.

Euro lead. You can get them lots of places, but I think OnLead.biz is my favorite for leather (they're cheap and well-made!). I just make my nylon ones myself out of tubular nylon. I use the nylon for everyday and the leather for more formal occasions or when I feel like using leather lol.

Ella's Lead Liberty's Attachment. I use this as a handle for Logan's harness when I don't use the guide handle. Mine is black and super oft and smooth. It doesn't have any bling on it, but I did engrave it with a variation of one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes - "You always took me where I needed to go"

On that note, Ella's Lead collars. I especially love the steampunk collars!

Wire bowl holders, because Logan travels with his bowl otherwise.

And placemat, because my dogs are messy eaters (especially Logan), and I have carpets. It also offers me an alternative to feeding out of a bowl if I want - just pour it on the mat!

Jeffers dog coat. Cheap, and it makes Gavroche happy in the winter lol.

Ad much as I hate to admit it...a Flexi. Strictly for potty breaks. But it makes winter that much more bearable.

Rubber curry comb for baths.

Wire crate with doors on at least 2 sides, for rearranging.

The other 10 coming up next!


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Oct 9, 2009
Pethead Feeling Flaky shampoo. Smells delicious (strawberry yogurt) AND is pretty much the only shampoo that helps Logan's dandruff.

And PetHead High Maintenance leave-in conditioner, for the same reasons.

Rescoe Guillotine Nail Clippers. For when I'm too lazy to dremel. I can survive with just these if I don't have a dremel, but not vice versa.

Coolaroo dog bed, because they're awesome, especially when they're only $10 from Gordman's.

Nylabone Durachew. I can't find the exact right one anywhere but Walmart neighborhood markets. It's similar to this one, but different lol. I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't like them.

Tooth scaler!

And electric toothbrush, but not the same head I use on it lol.

VittlesVault. Best when it's free, BUT a good alternative is a bucket from Home Depot with a Vittles Vault lid.

Bananas! Because both my dogs LURVE them.

Boomerang collar tag!
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Oct 12, 2008
-Gun dog supply tufflex biothane collar (w/ name plate) because they are handy and super durable

-OnLead leather superlead, great quality and super handy

-Crate with double doors

- Earthbags poobags/dispenser

- Zoom groom (Merlin loves it and it does such a great job wet or dry with hair)

- Antler (because sometimes my dog is annoying)

- Chucklehounds bow tie. Because you can switch em out and sometimes my dog has to be formal

- Bamboo pop up bowl. easy to bring everywhere and I constantly forget about feeding/watering haha

- Molly mutt crate cover (because life is too short for ugly crates)

- West paw salsa. Because for reasons unknown this toy has survived a year with Merlin (killer of stuffies) and he loves the **** thing (also they replace wrecked toys)

- Earthbath shampoo. Because my dog gets into some gross stuff and I want to give him a bath every 2 days without worrying about harmful chemicals or having him smell like an old ladies house.

- Musher's secret
because my dog is a pansy about snowballs in his toes and because it also makes great winter chapstick

- Red barn filled bones. Because sometimes my dog is REALLY REALLY annoying and bully sticks last him 2 seconds and we can re-use these!

- Nature's miracle: because having a dog is sometimes disgusting

- Earthbath dog wipes.
because sometimes my dog is disgusting and I don't have time to wash him.

-Chuckit. Because i'm a horrible thrower and my dog has a lot of energy

- Cuz ball. I don't even know why. He's just obsessed with them. Maybe it's the feet?

-Weruva fish treats. because training is hard sometimes and these are so stinky and fish and enticing he will focus on me instead of the squirrel/other dog/leaf

- Egg baby. Because it's like 5 toys for the price of one/sticking the eggs & a treat in will have him occupied for at least 20 minutes. and the eggs make GREAT indoor fetch balls

- Giant quilt to cover bed (because dog hair in the sheets is off putting)

- Lint rollers.

- Petz life spray. because teeth brushing is a pain lol
Feb 26, 2011
A back-seat hammock for the car
My Karma collars double-ended leads
Limited slip collars
Boomerang collar tags
My skijor belt (even if I didn't skijor, I use it all the time for hands-free walks)
My Orvis tough-chew bead-filled dog beds, which last forever and ever
Noz2Noz soft crates
A traditional wire crate
Kongs, for stuffing
My training club
Bunny fur tug
Stella and Chewy's dehydrated raw - my favorite training treat
Hardware-mounted baby gates
Fleece blankets
My Orvis vacuum cleaner
X-backs and lines
Chest freezer


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May 11, 2010
I don't even think my dogs combined have 20 things. :eek:

1.) Nature's Miracle and/or another super awesome cleaner that is safe to use on carpet. Because urine, vomit, blood, and poop happens.
2.) A carpet cleaner. Because of the above.
3.) 1/2" Biothane leash. I am in love. I will never have anything else ever again.
4.) Kong. Because it shuts up the dog like nothing else will.
5.) Stainless steal dishes. Easy to clean and they aren't fun to chew on.
6.) Wire crate with at least two doors. Mine is only a single door...and oh, how I wish for two doors.
7.) A long line or tether. Or a Flexi. Or all three!
8.) Reflective collars. It makes it easy to see the dogs at night when they're in the yard. I LOVE the generic nylon reflective collars from Petco. Metal clips that won't break, durable fabric that holds its size, and they come in cool colors. The Kong reflective collars (not the padded ones, but the normal nylon ones) are great, too.
9.) A "get messy" collar (aka, a biothane collar). Great for playing in the mud, swimming, and wearing while bathing with the hose because they rolled in something dead!
10.) A slip lead, especially if your dog doesn't wear a collar in the house.
11.) A good vacuum. Because hair and mess and when they raid the trashcan that you just dumped the rat bedding into, you want to be able to suck everything up quickly...
12.) Nail trimmers and/or grinder. Because long nails are evil.
13.) Baby gate. Because sometimes you need the door open, but no dogs invading the room.
14.) Lockable container for dog food. Because who needs your dog raiding the dog food bag, or the dog food going stale?
15.) Really, any Kong toy. I have yet to be disappointed with the quality or how long they last. (Although the prices make me sad inside.)
16.) Beggin Strips. They're cheap, the dogs love them, and they can be broken into teenie tiny pieces for training.
17.) Small milk bones. Because they are also cheap and easy to give as a boring reward for kenneling up during a normal day.
18.) Portable dog water bottle/dish combo. Great for hikes, or a day out.
19.) A nice metal pooper scooper. Because it makes yard cleanup easier than with a shovel. LOL
20.) A dog cover seat for your vehicle, especially if you have a hairy dog that will be riding with your frequently. Even doubly so if you will be taking your dog anywhere where it will get dirty.


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Nov 22, 2006
Premier Sure-Fit Harness
Boomerang Collar Tags
Backseat Hammock
Hands free leash (Stunt Puppy stunt runner preferably)
Ruffwear dog coats
Double door crate
Raw hooves
Premier treat pouch (BECAUSE IT STAYS OPEN and closed)


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Jun 16, 2013
North Floirda
1. Paco Collar
2. Paco Leash
3. Toothbrush
4. Toothpaste
5. EarthRated poop bags
6. Collapsible wire crate
7. Sleep sack
8. Boots and Barkley puppy soap
9. Ruffwear Webmaster
10. Puppia Original
11. Rubit
12. Doggone tag
13. Mad Dog Metalworks tag
14. Skineez toys
15. Nina Ottoson level 3 puzzles
16. Nail clippers
17. Kong
18. Zuke's Mini Naturals/The Honest Kitchen Quickies/Wellness Wellbites (interchangeable)
19. Outward Hound treat bag
20. Ruffwear Climate Changer


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Jun 21, 2012
1) All things Biothane. Specifically my 1/2" 5' leash. LURVE.

2) ComfortFlex harnesses

3) RMB's

4) Guillotine nail clippers

5) Treat toys/Kongs

6) Boomerang collar tags

7) EarthRated poop bags here as well

8) 1.5" Ribbon martingales. BECAUSE PRETTY.

9) Ruffwear backpack for hiking

10) Long line for potty breaks


11) Coats/light weight hoodies for the Nub

12) Wire crates

13) Bait bags/clicker

14) EliteField soft crate

15) Mink oil coat spray

16) Shedding rake

17) Bathing apron

18) Top Performance Oatmeal Shampoo

19) I'd really like to try some thin leather leads

20) Wide leather collars
Aug 23, 2012
1.) Slip leads. Willow has to go outside AS SOON as I wake up in the morning, or else she pees in the floor; putting a slip lead on the dogs is so much easier than trying to put collars and clip leashes to them when my hands are still asleep.

2.) A crate. I never even bought a crate until Willow came into the picture a few months ago. Sox has never been a furniture-chewer, and he's always ignored anything that isn't his, so he's had free run of the house for 8 years without any problems. Willow on the other hand... the crate has been an invaluable tool. She's always tethered to me or crated when I'm not able to pay full attention to her. She loves her crate, too.

3.) Antlers. They're expensive, but the dogs love them and they keep their teeth clean.

4.) Kongs for stuffing. There's no way I would have been able to get through crate training Willow without a kong.

5.) Tag collars. I want the dogs to constantly have ID on them, but I don't feel comfortable leaving regular collars on them. The tag collars easily slip over their heads, and they don't mess up their fur!

6.) Flirt pole. This is definitely one of my must-haves. Sometimes it's really great to be able to tire the dogs in half an hour with minimal effort for me.

7.) Long lines. Willow's recall is still iffy, so she's on a long line whenever we go hiking.

8.) Shedding rake. Sox sheds. SO BAD. I vacuum everyday and there are still dog hair tumbleweeds lying around everywhere.

9.) Martingale collar. Sox isn't the best on lead. I've tried so many tactics and methods to get him not to pull, but it's like he pulls by default.

10.) Melatonin. It takes the edge off of Sox's firework phobia. Combined with loud music and a thundershirt, we're able to get through New Years and Fourth of July without him trying to jump through windows now.


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Aug 25, 2013
- Cave Bed - LOVE these things. Want to get a second one.
- Dremmel
- Cottage Hound flannel jammies
- Musher's Secret
- Starmark Everlasting toys + treat discs
- Elasticon/Vet Wrap
- Weruva Canned Food
- Slip leads
- Walking leads
- Martingales
- Extra blankets
- Poop Bags
- Tooth Scaler
- Ex Pen
- Crates (Vari Kennels and wire break down)
- Zukes training treats
- Clicker
- Lunge whip for 'bunny on a stick'


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Feb 28, 2012
1) Lint Rollers. All of them.
2) BuddyWash 2+1
3) BuddyWash Leave-In Conditioner
4) ZoomGroom
5) Long Lead
6) Back Seat Hammock
7) Cheese
8) Vacuum
9) Cheap storage container from Target + snap-on lid for saving Dog Food from bugs, dogs, and air.

Hmm. Can't think of anything else.


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Nov 1, 2009
Well, let's see if I can think, lol.

The things we use almost every day, besides food...

1. Leash (I use a Flexi for potty breaks, and rotate between biothane and leather leash for other things, also have a Zumi that thus far has only been used for agility class) - does that count as 4 things? I LOVE all of these leashes, and use for different reasons.

My biothane one has been used a lot lately.

2. Harness. If I had to choose one, it'd probably be Puppia. Gets used the most.

3. Paco Collar

4. GunDogSupply waterproof collar with nameplate

5. Kong Wobbler. He loves this thing, and it keeps him entertained for a bit and gets his mind working.

6. Best poopbags and poop bag holder ever.

7. Love this water/food popup thingy, it's just so convenient for on the road, and travel, and park visits etc. Use it a lot.

8. Chuck-it! and chuck-it balls. LOVE these, it's what we do when I don't feel like taking him anywhere else so we'll just go outside on our 3 acres and play ball. It also took me forever to get him to even enjoy playing fetch and I'm so happy to now have a dog who loves to play the game. It really comes in handy when exercise is needed and I wanna be lazy.

9. Snoozer carseat. I love this thing. He is comfortable in it, it's a place for him to lay, and allows him to easily see out the window, get some smells in, etc. He's in the car with me at LEAST 5-6 days a week, so yeah.

10. His toy box. It's a place to just... throw all his crap and get it out of the way lol. And it looks nice.


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Apr 20, 2006
It's going to be hard to think of twenty. I feel like I am pretty simple when it comes to dog stuff. But I'll try (in no particular order).

1) My Mesamis collars. They're so soft, come in limited slip or a plastic clip, tons of colours, and the reason I bought them at all is because no collar marks! I have so many collars, but I find I only use these ones nowadays because they really don't ruin my dogs' coats or create lines. And they're a nice, thin width.

2) My clicker. Specifically my StarMark clicker. The little blue and orange one. I love that thing.

3) Orijen Freeze Dried Treats. Not good for Agility or target training, cause they crumble, but I like using them for Dance at Flyball and they're my go to for at home. Healthy, stinky, the dogs love them.

4) Zukes Mini Naturals. Kind of boring, but super convenient and I can make a bag last a long time by breaking each treat into three.

5) My Rush To Tug leashes. I love them for easy on/off. They're so handy. And nice and soft and super cute. They're my first martingale slip leads and I love them.

6) Leather leashes in general. I have a whole bunch from different companies, but as long as they're broken in and no wider than 5/8", I love them all.

7) My little orange Metro force dryer. Never again will I have hairy dogs without one.

8) My Chuck-It. For lazy days when I just feel like exercising one dog at a time quickly (except Keira, who thinks fetch is stupid lol).

9) My Dremel. No clicky nails here! I thought mine broke last year after I accidentally dropped it and I was so sad lol. It is a huge necessity.

10) Crates. I don't know how people live without them.

11) Boomerang CollarTags. Because no noise! I bought pretty jingly tags and never used them. I like silent collars.

12) Martingale collars with buckles from Nearly Naked Neckwear. So much easier to use than traditional martingales! I hate having to readjust collars constantly.

13) Kongs. I don't use them as much as I should, but when I remember to, I love them (and so do the dogs).

14) West Paw Design's Hurley and Bumi. So durable! Mine are so old now and not even a little dent.

15) Giant fluffy tugs. Keeps my hands mostly safe from my fuzzy black shark, and she loves them.

16) Cushy dog beds. I hate pacing, and fluffy beds give my dogs a place to go, cause they like to complain about hard surfaces.

17) My ChillyDogs coats and sweaters. I like how much body they cover while still being super flexible/allow for easy movement. I wish the price were a lot better though.

18) My thinning shears. No toe and ear fuzzies here! Not allowed haha.

19) My Ruffwear backpack. It didn't get any use this year because Journ was still growing, but I will definitely be using it next year. It fits so well and has lots of room for reasonable items.

20) A toss up between Northern Biscuit cookies and Puppy Love Duck Feet. My dogs get one or the other almost every morning when I leave them.

There! I made it to twenty haha. I could live without many of those items I am sure, but those are all of my favourites that I could think of off the top of my head.


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Dec 22, 2006
Denver, CO
I can't think of 20. I really can't. :eek:

1. Ella's Lead - LOVE them. Super comfy, smooth, and they just feel sturdier than a regular leash, I love my leather lead, but the rope is my favorite.

2. Harness - with a top clip, he almost never pulls and if he's walking close to me, the leash doesn't get tripped up in his feet.

[/url] IMG_0033 by noludoru, on Flickr[/IMG]

3. ZOOM GROOM! Oh, how I love you.

4. Furminator shampoo, conditioner, and waterless shampoo - I'm not a fan of the scents, but they're AMAZING!

5. Cuz. Mostly for me. He's happy with any type of toy.

6. Dryer.

7. THIS:

8. Without these, I would never be able to ignore my dog's pleas for attention. Or my neighbor's dog's barking. I would be less happy going on hikes and would lose any incentive to jog with my dog whatsoever.

Apr 13, 2011
Hudson Valley
1 - Wire crate

2 - GDS biothane collar

3 - Biothane 6ft leash

4 - long leash. I really want a long biothane

5 - Squeaky pig thing

6 - big Chuck It thing

7 - Planet dog strawberry

8 - Poop bags & bag holders. I don't really have a favorite brand. Before we left for vacation I picked up a bunch of purple poop bags, they smell like lavender. I don't like it.

9 - Backseat hammock for the car and the driving.

10 - I really like the Roadie Harness that I had for the pup when he was a pup


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Dec 14, 2009
1. Collar that can stand up to the elements and not destroy fur.
2. Leash that can do the same and be comfortable to hold
3. Boomerang Tags because I really dislike dangly loud tags
4. Holee Roller because they are the perfect squishable/concealable retrieve + tug toy
5. Crates
6. My car
7. My clicker
8. Jility training equipment
9. The Lake
10. Nail clippers or dremel -- not picky.
11. Our alt DVM/PT/Chiro because she is excellent
12. Good dog shampoo
13. Stripper/defurminator brushes for shedding season
14. Long line for puppies
15. Our regular vet

That's about all the stuff I'd have a hard time making do without.

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