1. AllieMackie

    Finn got hosed, yo.

    Since it's nearing that time of the year where I have to shut off the outside water, I figured I'd give Finn one last hurrah with the hose, and give him a shampooing while we were at it. Finn takes to his hosings quite nicely. He used to just flat-out attack the stream of water. Now? He'll...
  2. AllieMackie

    Finnegan and Roscoe - It's been awhile!

    I know, another thread so soon, BUT- We had an impromptu visit from Roscoe tonight! For those who don't remember, he is Finn's bestest buddy. He's the first dog Finn met outside of his family/littermates at 9 weeks: Ever since, they've been great friends. Finn hasn't seen...
  3. AllieMackie


    Taken over the past few days. We've been spending a lot of time being active and silly in the yard because the weather's so nice, but I haven't felt like going anywhere. :rofl1: We've been practicing Treibball again. I fell behind with it and we still have nothing concrete, but for the most...
  4. AllieMackie


    Finn got a Chuckit Rebounce ball. It was like Christmas to him, so we've been spending most of my day off playing fetch in my overgrown meadow of a yard. Have a few pics! His coat is super shiny and low-maintenance now that he's back on Acana. Derp. I got this! This too...
  5. AllieMackie

    Some from the park and at home.

    Beautiful evening for a trip to the dog park. He seems to be laughing at something. Finn and his good buddy Riley, a bichon mix. We hadn't seen Riley in awhile so it was a pleasant surprise to see he and his owner there! He and Finn never really play, but they chase balls together and...
  6. AllieMackie

    Boring Portrait Session

    Finn, ready for a portrait session? Oh. Haha, just kidding! Okay, so let's... Finn? Finn... Oh, now I'm getting the silent treatment. He gets seriously bored during posed portrait sessions. I get this face. All the time. Are we done yet? We plays now? -few...
  7. AllieMackie


    ... is srs.
  8. AllieMackie


    Just some nice shots I've grabbed over the past few days. Some action, some portraits, some derp. The usual. *bounce* Looking at... I think it was a squirrel. New favorite portrait. Missed it! Slurp. Dancing? Going after a wandering bubble. The smarmy face...
  9. AllieMackie

    Finn's new Ella's Lead!

    I use Finn's Marri's lead for eeeeeverything we do, including our runs. I've noticed that when we get to busier sidewalks and roads, it'd be handy to have a traffic handle so I'm not fumbling for his leash while running to keep him out of the way of others. He keeps to my right pretty well, but...
  10. AllieMackie


    Guess who has kennel cough? This kid. He must have got it when I took him to the dog park last week, seeing as his immune system was probably already compromised from the upset tummy he had that I was unaware of until the next day. Blegh. Anyways, he'll be fine. He's acting fine, just...
  11. AllieMackie

    A few from the park.

    We spent some time at The park... is disgusting. Half snow, half dirt, half mud. Good math, right? Finn loves mud. He had friends who got equally muddy. Not Sawyer the colliemix, though. He stayed pretty immaculate, considering. Border Collie Buds Friends in mud...
  12. AllieMackie

    Finn's acting weird.

    Nothing huge, just a few little things that are kind of bugging me. The "big" one is that he's suddenly... fearful? Seems he's scared of the broom suddenly, no idea why. It's fell on him several times before from him walking into it, but not in the past few months. Suddenly he's avoiding it...
  13. AllieMackie

    Spring means Bubbles.

    To Finn, anyway. Stalk. Buttshot! The sun was setting, so the lighting was eeeeverywhere. Smarmy. I GOT IT. Hurr. -more-
  14. AllieMackie

    Finnegan snuggled with a basement bug.

    I'm not even kidding. I see him staring at something at the foot of the couch. Look down, he's staring at a little basement bug. (I have no idea what it actually is... just a little grey multi-legged bug, I see them down here every so often.) This is pretty normal for Finn. See bug, want to...
  15. AllieMackie

    Bloo Wubba.

    Finn haz. His old red one is starting to fray apart, and they were having a sale at one of the small shops close by, so he got a new one. He likes it. They dance together. Gives me my Wubba. Shakeshake. Showing off his Morgan collar. The wind-up... ... the catch...
  16. AllieMackie

    Finn & Beauty

    I had a birthday shindig on Saturday, and Scotty brought Beauty over for the fun, too. Hi Beauty! Finn was ecstatic. Finn had an interlude for snow catching, and... best photo ever. Boing! Beauty is aptly named. <3 Doing laps around the garden shed. Beauty does...
  17. AllieMackie

    The Adventures of a Colliemonster & a Maligator

    We got to meet the awesome Erin (stardogs) and her brand new 14-week old Malinois pup, Aerie (I believe her full name is Aertyn? Couldn't remember for sure)! Finn and Aerie played about and we played with them, much fun had by all. Finn had a love at first sight. Aerie... didn't quite...
  18. AllieMackie

    Finn and his buds

    After about eight months of us sucking, we finally got together again for a fun playdate with the folks we used to always hang out with. We hope to do this more often as the weather gets warmer! I was so impressed with the closeness of Finnegan and Dingo, my friend's ACD. He's always been a...
  19. AllieMackie

    Finn in Flurricane

    Finn has a high opinion of this Snowpocalypse nonsense. Enjoy the SnowDerp. HOLY CRAP GUYZ. As usual, he buried his face into the snow within moments. Delicious. Rare srs face. Snowbed. Snowfloof. "I does NOT look silly." -more-
  20. AllieMackie

    Finn in Boots

    A friend gave me a pair of MuttLuks she had used all of once for her dog (lucky for me, MuttLuks are expensive!) and Finn only wears them once in a blue moon. Today was one of those days. Three days straight of bitter cold was too much for the collie, and even though today is warmer than the...