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    It's been WAY too cold outside the past few days to do much of anything. Even when I try to bundle up to go out with Finn, he barely lasts 5 minutes before doing the cold-paw dance. It's a bit better today, but snowing. Rargh. So these photos are a bit older, but I haven't shared them here...
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    It's snowing. That means...

    ... the return of the elusive winterbeast. Sometimes it's a bit hard to spot... But rest assured, it's there. Waiting with epic droolthreads for the arrival of face-snowballs. Until next time, it cavorts to the woods. Enjoy. ;)
  3. AllieMackie

    Playing in Snow and Looking at Things

    Yup. I love this lens.
  4. AllieMackie

    New Lens - Test Drive

    So I got my newest lens for Christmas, the Canon 50mm f/1.8. Nice little lens, I'm loving it. Here's a few of Finn outside this morning. few more...
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    Finn helps shovel.

    Finn is very happy that the snow has hit. Despite the woeface here. It means he can roll around in the snow and do his best white-dog impression. EVen when he has to do the lift-cold-feets-dance. Best part of winter? When I have to shovel. Finn loves NOTHING more than getting snow...
  6. AllieMackie

    Finn and the rope ball

    Finn has had this Jolly Ball since forever. The rope came out of it ages ago, so I just recently braided some new mountain rope for it, and he has a renewed love. Cans you tugz this? Okay, I TUGZ IT TOO. I lieks teh tugz. Okay, I waits here til we tugz again. Ignore...
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    I missed my camera!

    Does it show? :P Enjoy. Derrr. After playtime, watching Golden Girls in his favorite chair. :rofl1: All done!
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    Today he turns two.

    Hard to believe! He's still a little brat a lot of the time, but he's smart, fun, therapeutic, and all in all I could not ask for a better co-pilot. I seriously love this dog. Since my camera is in the shop until who-knows-when, I instead wernt back through my photos, chose some old favorites...
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    Dogpark Fun

    We spent a few hours at the dogpark last night. It was cold, but otherwise nice out. It was empty when we arrived. Finn found a present left for him. He kept half an eye on the gate for new arrivals. Finally a friend arrived - a little PWD puppy! Wee, omg, friends, etc. He...
  10. AllieMackie

    Finn's costumes + randoms

    Still trying to figure out what to dress Finn as for Halloween. We have this choice, got on clearance last year: And the one I'm leaning towards... got it this year, and it's the boy's favorite animal, haha. *JAWS theme* He gets so... giddy when I put clothes on him. Nerd...
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    Moar Finnegan gift art

    So, my friends are awesome and love to draw Finnegan. :D Drawn by my friend Kim. It's like he was designed for Samurai Jack. :D
  12. AllieMackie


    Finn has it. Alternate title: "I am a Chazhound sheep." Just the collar, tail tip, and a smidge on the rear toes.
  13. AllieMackie

    Finnegan - 2x2 weave practice

    So, I finally built Finn a set of 2x2 weave poles and a bar jump (though that's not quite finished, need to finish the jump cups) so we could practice what we've learned in agility. Got some pics and video of him and I working on it today. :) Mind my terrible attire and the loooong grass...
  14. AllieMackie


    Jess took this one... quite special, my little dog is. And some randoms from playing in the yard over the past week or so. BUTTWING POWERS ACTIVATE A new favorite: Love the eye intensity. That's all for now!
  15. AllieMackie

    Finn's coat

    It's incredible how much Finnegan's coat has filled in over the past few months. It's really grown in subtle ways and makes him look much more adult (keyword: "look") ;)
  16. AllieMackie

    Just a couple of Finn and I doing heelwork

    I had a friend stop by tonight in the middle of Finn and I doing heelwork in the backyard, so I got her to snag my camera and get a few pics of us doing it. :) He does great with heelwork on walks now, too. He only heels in short bursts before I give a release command, but I'll slowly...
  17. AllieMackie

    Finn's NEW COLLARS from Morgan Collars!!!

    Cynthia (maxfox426) and I did a barter recently, collars for a portrait. You all saw her half already, and now mine has arrived in the mail!! SIX new collars for Finnegan! I had chosen four, but the two in the centre were added as a surprise! So fabulous, Cynthia, omg, the quality is...
  18. AllieMackie

    A Very Merry Unbirthday

    ... to Finn! Finn's half-birthday was on the 22nd of April, he's 1.5 years old. Where the heck is the time going? My goober is slowly but surely becoming a mature, adult dog. He begs to differ. I finally caught his smile on camera. <3 Smarmy brat. Hangin out. I GOT THIS...
  19. AllieMackie

    Finn at dog park!

    We had a great time at the dog park tonight. It was interrupted by a guy completely wiping out on his motorcycle in the parking lot next to the park (very scary, but he wound up being okay). But otherwise, good times! The Ridgeback puppy is Sassy, she was adorable and her and Finn had a blast...
  20. AllieMackie

    Dusk/indoors photo practice

    Lately I've been doing my best to get the hang of using my camera in various types of lighting, abusing Manual mode to it's fullest potential. Yesterday I practiced some dusk and indoor shots with Finn. A neat tree ornament the last owner left here. I like it. Happies! This one...