1. AllieMackie

    A few from the dog park

    Finn and I went to the dog park for the first time in awhile. We went a few times over the winter, but it's not very well cared for over the winter months, so we avoided it mostly. It was muddy as all heck today, but Finn had a blast. A bunch of his regular buds were there. :) I also got to...
  2. AllieMackie

    Finn + sad snowman

    Since I figured today might be the last big wet-snowfall we get, I took advantage of it and made a snowman! However, since I have minimal time in the morning before starting work... Mr. Snowman was pretty darn pathetic. Hard to see, but he had a big bulbous nose and sad dimple-eyes. Poor sod...
  3. AllieMackie

    Are we there yet?

    I has to go pee.
  4. AllieMackie

    Finn, snow, the usual.

    We had a fresh batch of wet snow last night, which meant Chuckit snowballs. Finn was happy, and I took pics. I looks dignified, you throws snow. Epic whooshy fur. Flying feathers! That's all!
  5. AllieMackie

    Finnegan: fetch + bath

    So, there hasn't been much fetch this winter because Finnegan's tennis balls all got buried under snow. That, and well... balls don't bounce in snow, they get lost easily... fetch and snow don't go well. As of now, our backyard is mostly "flattened". The snow is compacted and balls can bounce...
  6. AllieMackie

    Finnegan wins again!

    Just his third obedience certificate. :P This class we really worked on focus work, CU techniques, and walking loose leash around other dogs. All areas still need work but we made leaps of progress in the 6 weeks, and learned a few new tricks along the way. Good boy! Another certificate and...
  7. AllieMackie

    Grrr... Finn's indoor potty problem

    I've been quiet about this because I theoretically know HOW to fix this, but I'm frustrated. Maybe venting will help. Finn poops indoors. A lot. He understands that he is supposed to go outside. He doesn't pee inside the house except for a few circumstances where I'm sure his bladder was...
  8. AllieMackie

    Finnegan is ten months!

    ... well, he was on Tuesday. I'm two days late! He's almost full-grown, I'm sure. He'll be doing a lot of filling out in the next 8-10 months I bet, but height-wise I don't think he'll be getting a whole lot bigger. Still, it almost makes me notice his behavioural changes even more... and...