1. L

    My dog was so scare of a MICE!!!

    so, a poor little mice was static in my living room yesterday. i think he was dying...when.mydog saw it, she went to eniff the mice to find out what it was and when the mice took a step forward, my dog got so scare of it that she rushed to her crate! i didnt expect her to harm the mice but...
  2. P

    calling all breed detectives: help us identify our pup's mix??

    hiya forum folks, our family is adopting a sweet dog from a very cool rescue organization in the near future. before she joins us, we're trying to get a sense of our new dog's likely breed mix, so we'll have a better idea of what her exercise needs are likely to be, good ways to work with...
  3. H

    Training Your Best Friend!

    I have tried many a-time, again and again, programs and lessons for training my dogs. Time and time again, they never worked. Why? Because the methods used were unaffective and didn't correspond with each dogs' problems, insecurities, or personality. I personally guarantee, the anwer is right...
  4. P

    Cutest Pet Contest, winner gets 1,000 credits + $1,000 donated to animal rescue. Cutest Pet Contest! Prize Details Upload a photo of your pet for a chance to win cutest pet, then get your friends and relatives to vote for your pet! You can do this! The winner gets 1000 credits for shopping on Credits can be used on items like...
  5. SpikedMarkus

    The Child, now and then.

    For the past 5 weeks now it has just been me and Bertie in the house, he's living with me now it's the first time i've had the privilege of looking after a dog full time. So I took a few photos of my new lodger to share with you all. Also I found a few 'film' photos from when we first got him...
  6. SpikedMarkus

    When is it time to just let go?

    As i'm sure most of you know Cesar Millans pit-bull 'Daddy' passed away recently and when reading through the memorial I noticed that he had been given chemotherapy. I really have a problem with this; a 16 year old dog being put through something as traumatic as chemo, why? I'm not just...
  7. E

    Pet travel & Relocation - Website

    Hi, New website with all the info you need on dog travel and relocation - check out the did you know section!! Eran
  8. beaded dogs

    beaded dogs

  9. D'tailsDogGrooming

    One Freshly Groomed Zeke

    Another thread about freshly groomed pets made me want to post this. Here's Zeke after his haircut this evening, completely hand scissored. I'm trying to grow him out for some really fun trims. <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a...
  10. D'tailsDogGrooming

    National Pet Dental Health Month

    "An astounding 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS)." Check out my article.
  11. S

    some Dogs training tips for doing tricks

    Teach your dog to SIT UP or beg: This is one trick you should not be teaching a dog that is younger than eight months of age. Before the age of eight months, the dog's back muscles are not fully developed and so it must not be made to sit. Teach your dog to SHAKE hands: Just hold out your...
  12. bubumo

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

    I wish you:
  13. R

    About RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue)

    Hi everyone :D, I would just like to introduce myself and hope that I can participate well on these forums My name is Anita and I help out the Rowles family with the RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue - Home Rudozem Street Dog Rescue - Home Just a little bit about the RSDR for people...
  14. A

    Help stop killing dogs in South Korea by signing up to the petition!!!!

    Stop Killing Dogs - the petition to stop brutal dog torture and dog meat consumption in South Korea Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year. That's over 5,000 dogs a day who get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat. The South Korean...
  15. T

    Dog Clippers = Human Clippers?

    A few years ago my dad bought me a Conair hair clipper kit. But I have had lots of trouble actually cutting my Maltese's super-fine-almost-cotton-fiber-like hair. Does any one know if dog hair clippers would actually cut his hair? Or is it his hair type? Since he is a long haired breed, I...
  16. Krishkool

    I need help, Which breed is my dog?

    Which breed is this?
  17. M

    Short online survey regarding dog welfare and kennel facilities

    SHORT ONLINE SURVEY ABOUT DOG WELFARE AND KENNEL FACILITIES My name is Mia Cobb and I am currently conducting an online survey as part of my PhD research at Monash University in Australia. People aged 18 and over can complete a short and anonymous online questionnaire. The questionnaire...
  18. erinchavez

    We are Finalists...Need your Help! :)

    I made an entry for a contest and was chosen as one of the 10 finalists! If I win, I get to take my dog Scamp with me to New York (where he will be spoiled in a posh pet friendly hotel!) $5000 to keep and $5000 to donate (I want to give it to my local No Kill shelter). We also win a lifetime...
  19. erinchavez

    Hi From Fresno

    My name is Erin and I'm from Fresno. I have two dogs, Scamp and Leo. Scamp is an Australian Cattle Dog/Westie mix who is about a year old. He is a wonderful dog....super sweet. He does eat ANYTHING he can get his paws on, so he regularly helps us declutter.:p Leo is a little white dog...
  20. P

    Animal Suspension Technology Website

    Animal Suspension Technology manufactures Get-a-Grip Harnesses and custom Pet Support Suits. All AST products are Made in the USA. AST: Because your dog is like no other. AST Support Suit Dog Harness Homepage