1. C

    What am I?

    Okay, so one of my favorite things is getting people's opinions on what my dog, Chester, could be a mix of. So far I've heard shar-pei, pit, lab, boxer, american bulldog, and even beagle! If it helps, he's about 60 lbs (should be 65, but I'm having trouble getting him to gain weight) and almost...
  2. M

    Transport of a Dog overseas

    Hi, Early last year we moved country and had some professional help in moving our pet dog to the new residence. It made me wonder about the conditions of the transport. Actually I started to think about the problem and teamed up with a colleague to develop a transportation logger to log the...
  3. B

    $10 off at

    For Chazhound members only if you spend $100 on items at you will get an extra $10 off your purchase! To get this offer just head over to right here. Use code chaz offer will be automatically added to your cart when you start checkout.
  4. M

    New Site for Sharing Pet videos!

    Hi, I have just open up a new site for sharing pet videos. You are all welcome to join and become a part of us. Uploaded your favorite pet videos, watch a nice selection of funny dogs and cat videos and more. Create your own Pet/ Animal Video Groups so people with same interest can join...
  5. S

    Site for dog lovers from Poland

    Site for dog lovers :banana: where community can read/write posts, articles, and post comments to each article. Everyone one has its own blog, wall, photo gallery where the most interesting things are published from puppies' life. Users can add dogs' photos, films and much more. There is also...
  6. Delisay

    Sudden doggy odor in otherwise odor-free dog?

    Our 1 year old cross has suddenly, in the past two weeks, developed slight doggy odor. She has always been very odorless so this is a change. What might be causing it and what can we do? Thanks :)
  7. T

    Dog Grooming Muzzles?

    Is there any type of dog muzzle out there that is made specifically for groomers so they can muzzle the dog but still be able to groom the dog's face/snout? It seems all of the muzzles out there are either cages, or nylon muzzles which cover the whole snout. The reason I ask is because I...
  8. M

    Bunk here!

    Hey everyone. My name is Dan and my dog's name is Bunk. He is a 4 1/2 month pug and is the most awesome thing in my life (other than my girlfriend) :) I'll be checking in regularly to share stories about Mr Bunk and perhaps give and ask for advice. If you want to see pics I'll put some...
  9. B

    My dig can barely walk

    Hi my dog keeps falling and can't walk, she is 15 and quite a small dog, some people say to stop walking her an keep her in the garden but others say we should jut put her down! I don't know what to do please help. Thanks
  10. German Shepherd, Herding dog Breeds

    German Shepherd, Herding dog Breeds

    German Shepherd is one of the best and loyal dog breeds. This breeds is so popular because of there intelligence, obedient feature..
  11. B

    Could someone please tell me what breed this is?

    When i was on holiday i found this dog next to the place i was staying. I think the owner may have lost it as it seemed tamed. I looked after it for the two weeks i was there hoping the owner would come back looking for it but the didn't so i gave it to a friend there who has now given it a good...
  12. P

    What tricks can your dog do??

    Here's a thread for people to show off what they have taught their dogs! What tricks/commands does your dog know and what are you in the process of teaching? Either list them or post a video of them! Boast about how smart your dog is! I'll go first. Fidget's Tricks/Commands: Sit...
  13. Miss Piggy

    Miss Piggy

    She's a Pit mix, but her ears make her look like she's mixed with pig. So does that make her a "Pigbull"?
  14. Hearty-Dog

    My sculptures of dogs

    Hi everyone! I love dogs very much (although I currently do not have a dog)! And I'm doing a little art - portrait sculptures of dogs. I am pleased to show you some of my work. Each sculpture done by hand and is an original One of a Kind. Polymer Clay, in scale 1:10 or 1:5 (depending on the...
  15. nortoons

    Socializing a big, scared puppy

    I got my pup, Nixie, about five and a half weeks ago. She's about seven months old now, and is a terrific, fantastic dog. She's a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who's very bright and surprisingly mellow for such a mix of breeds. She's medium-large, weighing about 40 pounds. When I got...
  16. C

    Interested in Combining Pets in Portraits

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to have more samples on my website of portraits that include separate species of animals in the same portrait -- Like a cat and a dog, or a dog and a horse, or a dog and a guinea pig.. whatever the combo. If anyone is interested, I'll do the portrait for the same...
  17. T

    How to train dog to leave food?

    Hi everyone. I have a very smart toy poodle. When I visit someone's house and they have a dog, they most often free feed their dog (have a dish of food out all day) which becomes a big temptation for my dog. So instead of enjoying the visit, I have to watch and make sure he doesn't eat the food...
  18. MiamiMax

    BULL TERRIER Max is too funny!

    check him out below and let me know what you guys think. thanks!
  19. MiamiMax

    Max on YouTube

    check it out YouTube - cmk021088's Channel
  20. AllieMackie

    Dogpark Fun

    We spent a few hours at the dogpark last night. It was cold, but otherwise nice out. It was empty when we arrived. Finn found a present left for him. He kept half an eye on the gate for new arrivals. Finally a friend arrived - a little PWD puppy! Wee, omg, friends, etc. He...