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  • I know you haven't been around in a while. When you can, though, I think a lot of us would love pictures of your dogs. ;)
    :rofl1: Careful about talking about those Huskies sleeping in the snow . . . next thing you know Summit will have H$U$ up your ass ;)
    Ren I know you are no longer with mike, what he did last year was horrible, if u wanted a chance to meet in person i would welcome it and will say hi if that is ok if we walk past each other. But if you agree with the MD profile that CAS are all "quite dog aggressive" or that a working breed can behave in public and still have working ability, or that some were told last year not to come near us cause dogs were aggressive"
    Thats ok i can say I tried, and feel better . I am just not real used to having enemies I never met. I did not get a computer till 30 and by then I had very few enemies cause people work things out when they meet face to face or even on tel, but the net really makes the worse out of the best people some times.

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