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  • Well we are back sadly the same crew from last year molosser dogs came.
    They sent a handler in to show againest me- never knew till I got home and they are just sore losers.. We won the Top Ten with UKC Champ FF Gandy owner handler Heidi age 22 months, won BOB UKC Ch FF Palang owner handled I took reserve with their other FF dog, then I won with saber on Sat and sunday
    I showed grp once . Gandy did lure cursing, buyers came to visit with pups and I met amstaffer. Long hard expensive show. I will say people if you dont have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all, all cause u lost does not mean you need to attack the winner- sad sad I pity them
    Opps sorry just realised this was NOT PVT. But I will leave it.
    To others who read this the CAS breed does NOT allow or call for "aggressive"
    To the contrary it calls for "must be amendable to handling" " distrust of strangers.

    Ye the CO breed has the word aggressive amoung others in standard.
    2 DIfferent breeds with 2 different standards.
    Yet some wish to lump them all into one area " aggresive" they feel a good guardians must hate all stranges and all dogs.
    They clearly do not understand what is the use of putting your guard dog away when UPS comes? or have a livestock dog that cant work with other dogs as a team? the Dog of the nomads are working dogs, not fighting dogs.

    And sadly after 13 years of reaL WORK in the breed. we took steps back last year to ANTI dog show people who came to the show and made problems for me. They dont care about the breeds but their own net war backyard breeders vs ethical breeders. Sad but true what Mike did was STALK me online before after and DURING the show
    Great Look fwd to it- its water under the bridge with mike at least with 08 Premier.
    I look fwd to at least being at ease with some. Last year a Estrela person explained the reason why she could not come over and say hello is she was told by the crew that CAS are aggressive. This type of incorrect opinion hurts all that have dogs. Itcreates BSL .

    2 Others are ring side stated i thougth you could NOT touch a Ovcharka. When my dogs were handled perfectly. I had to explain that some like to lump all Ovcharkas breeds and All types in to opinions based on little or no contact with the breed. They were upset
    that people at dog shows would pass around such missleading info.

    So that is what I talk of Not someones opinion of my dogs or me or my board.
    So if i here anyone state that " all cas are aggressive or used for dog figthing I will report it to UKC" They just updated the UKC site to i include spectators who causes problems. i
    They are anti BSL and this type of wrong information causes harm to every breed of dog.

    So im sorry I was not more specific on the "opinion " thing.

    I would never state Estrela are LGD and if you NOT fight them they can NOT work as a LGD if the person .

    I just wish more people like you at least tried your hand at different dog venues and met as many breeds in person before formulating a opinion based on Net School of Dog Knowledge. I am very happy i Spent the 1st 30 years of my life learning about dogs in person vs the net otherwise I too would assume what I read was factual.

    You are much skinny then me so I cant help but be prepared for rain on Wed Nite.
    Hey Jeanine,

    Yes you are right I am not with Mike and truth be told I wasn't even aware of what he did exactly last year until just a couple months ago. I knew it was something towards you but not exactly what. It would be nice to exchange a hello indeed. I don't hold grudges. I've changed quite a bit as an individual since last year. I don't blindly follow any one site regarding anything be it dogs or anything else. I hold my own opinion on matters and thats that. I no longer beat my opinion to anyone else. If someone asks for it, I will give it, if they choose not to follow it I don't waste my breath anymore. What's the point, right? LOL I imagine we will see each other ringside at the very least considering the CAO and Estrela are in the same group. Good luck to you and yours at the show. I'm hoping the weather there is better than whatw e have been getting here (cold and rainy). After all, the clothes I bought to show in are for SUMMER! lol

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