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    Also testing :)
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    More name help please!

    I have a female pup coming too! Exciting!! Here are some names i have been tossing back and forth Viper Siren Trinity Justice Mishonne Serenity
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    What are you working on?

    Ronan - nothing, he's perfect <3 lol but hes also 11... OC - nothing at the moment but been thinking about reviving his target training (from 4+ years ago!!) Simi - shes my bfs dog but is so ball driven and focused im curious about doing some tracking with her Obi - on-by!!! Thats why...
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    Kibble and raw together? Raw feeder advice.

    If youre at all worried about feeding them together just soak the kibble for at least an hr. This is what most mushers do when feeding kibble and raw together. This also helps with digestion so they arent running with kibble still in the stomach. Ever seen a dog puke 5+ hrs after eating kibble...
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    What are you sick of hearing in regards to your dogs?

    My most commom question is "You should get more and make a sled team!" They lose the humour quick when I say "there are 7 more at home and they ARE a sled team" lol At races people often point to OC (who is 10 years old, heavy boned and carries most of his weight on his front legs due to...
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    Who Remembers Us? :)

    Romy, believe me, I myself wish i could still make leads! Lol i will be back up and running once i either get my own industrial sewing machine that can go through the thick leather, or find someone nearby who will do the couple stitches for a reasonable price. I might play with finding...
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    What is love at first sight? or did the bond take time?

    OC was love at first sight, he always followed me everywhere and had terrible separation anxiety as a pup (regardless if other people or dogs were with him) Ronan took time, hes friendly but has this aura of "i spent my first year of life more in the wild than at home, i dont need you to...
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    Who Remembers Us? :)

    BR, i know right!! Still cant believe that next year Ronan wont be on the team :( OC hasnt been on the team in 4 years now! It all started because of those 2. Im also not doing sprints anymore, we are running up to 40 miles next year (mid distance) Shai, ill try to ;) Ruffiangirl, depends...
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    Who Remembers Us? :)

    Linds, yes i remember you too!!! Thanks for letting me know about the pic number
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    Who Remembers Us? :)

    BB, nice to see you too! And thanks! She's my sassy superstar right now Psyfalcon, no she is a pure sibe, just a bit of a throwback. If I didnt personally know all the dogs in her pedigree and know her breeder so very well id almost question it too lol but i have seen other pure sibes with...
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    Who Remembers Us? :)

    Kelim's Moonlit Runner (Lycan), 1 year old Newest addition, still nameless but her litter name is "Rocky" right now, 3 months old Haliburton race with my guys and some dogs I borrowed from a friend. Only/Zora, Baby/Scary, Vixen/Ronan, Obi/Lycan Training run - Vix/Zora...
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    Who Remembers Us? :)

    Hello everyone! I dont know if anyone really knows/remembers us anymore but I've found myself with some spare time lately so I thought I'd pop by for a "hello" :cool: Plus we have some new member on the team so of course need to introduce them as well! For those who don't know me, I'm Ren...
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    Caucasian Ovtcharka

    I'm going with Pops on this one that what your hubby has is a Sage Kooche ;) A CO would not fair well in the heat of Afghanistan. Their coats are to protect them from harsh Russian/balkan winters in the Caucasus mountain range. I've lived temporarily with 2. Sometimes at the same time...
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    How do you fit all your dogs in your vehicle?

    Awesome truck + Awesome Dogbox = AWESOME!!!! The dogbox has 8 compartments that are big enough to easily fit 2 50Lbs dogs but not so big it can't keep a smaller 30-40Lbs dog warm if solo. I can also fit 3-4 crates in the bed of my truck OR fill it up with straw and run a chain to hold 6 dogs...
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    What's the largest number of dogs you've had?

    This past winter for a few weeks I had a full dogbox I was caring for (my dogbox has 8 compartments that easily can fit 2 dogs per compartment). The most I had at once (including my 3) was 11 and we were traveling for a race. Fingers crossed I get to move soon though because when I do my...