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  • I figured that's what had happened, lol! No worries :) I always feel badly when I have to cut the call short, too. :o
    Hey Stacy; don't worry about what Jazz has in her past; treat her as she is now; everyone's suggestions with regards to your hubby are good ones; from here forward.

    Maybe she was beat, maybe not; doesn't matter; she needs to view your hubby as a good guy; so let him make himself the good guy.

    Before he leaves for work, can he give her a special treat? One that no one else will give her; steak, dried liver, chicken breast; cheese; whatever rocks her boat?

    Dogs don't dwell on the past; humans do.
    Not gonna post it, but the temperament and physical description make me wonder if there's a little wolf of some sort in there somewhere? And something in his eyes . . .
    Shall we start setting up a pool to bet on how long before you're banned over there? ROFL! I mean, if you can get yourself banned from Pit bull Chat :rolleyes:
    So . . . I'm going to assume you're sharing this link with the Game-doggers too :D

    Oh, and "Blow jeans." *gags*
    I think I may have sent her scuttling off to dictionary.com with my last retort or two :D Big words for a box of rocks to use . . . Hmmm . . . maybe I should put "Box of Rocks" in my user title :rofl1:
    Seems she's familiar with Filas and I'm dumb as a box of rocks for having one who snarls in public at those who behave in a threatening manner - cruising by and slowing down and staring and pacing us when we're walking. :D Marty's probably getting a good giggle.
    Heheh . . . over on Game-dog . . . anything I should know about Simms? I do believe he wants to have a little war :rofl1:
    Of COURSE you are :rofl1:

    Oh, that thread we had here about whether or not your dog would protect you? I linked the doubters to Miakoda's tribute :) She is the standard.
    I figured, and ordinarily I wouldn't have left a message about it . . . but for you ;)

    Oh, and I've been giving Tallulah the probiotics and I've started giving her some Essiac tea, since I've got Kharma on it for that knot on her head. It seems to be helping some, but she still doesn't have a lot of control over her bowels - a little more, which is a step up from basically none, and an improvement. When it hits her, though, she barely has time to assume the position. A thousand blessings on EVO RM and the nice little firm turds :rofl1:

    Needless to say, she will NEEEVAAAAHHHHHHH get to lick out another plate that's had Mexican food on it. :yikes:
    The reason you couldn't PM Rainbow is because that was a member who was on a temporary ban who thought she'd be cute and register under another name :rolleyes: *sigh*
    Remember, you can use me as a reference - which might help seeing as how I've lived with Filas for years now ;)
    I figured I would have to add some probioitic pills or powder as soon as I can buy some. Literally, I have $6.35 in the bank and $3.40 in my pocket. When I said I couldn't responsibly afford her, I wasn't exaggerating . . . the only thing I have in any sort of abundance to supply her with right now is love and safety. Hopefully this job market will break a little after the summer. Once the college kids go back to school there should be some serving/bar jobs open - even for someone who isn't *that* age :rolleyes:
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