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    ABKC Director of Judges Ron Ramos Gives Us His Insight About The Bully World.

    I love seeing a pot criticized by the kettle. In other news, those dogs need to die out and the people breeding them need to find a job that doesn't depend on the production of such an unsound product.
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    Menstrual cups

    Reading all this makes me realize that my hysterectomy four weeks ago was the absolute best surgery I've ever had. Of course I really didn't have a choice, but I have so many people offering me sympathy and I just want to sing and dance in happiness. LOL
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    The Official "What are you reading" Thread

    I just started reading the first book Friday night and finished the third a couple hours ago. My take on some of the horrible reviews of the final ending is that it wasn't want people wanted. I admit that I was a bit "...but WHY!?", but I do get it. I get the message and/or underlying...
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    Vet Techs, former Vet Techs....

    I should add that the worst is seeing the crap that brings their animals in. My clinic is located in north Baton Rouge, so we saw a lot of thugs with their pathetic abused money-makers. I got so angry one time that I told some guys where to go (as in "go to hell") and I walked out. And...
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    Vet Techs, former Vet Techs....

    My replies Was supposed to be red. :lol-sign:
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    WWYD regarding back yard

    Personally, I prefer an open grassy yard. I love big oak trees, but the sweet gum tree would have to go. Heck, those seed pods.....OUCH! :yikes: So if it were my yard, I'd leave the one big tree and remove all the landscaping stuff and get some grass growing to have a nice open area. Less...
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    Rehoming a dog with a bite history?

    I'd euthanize. Period.
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    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    Gah! Every time I try to edit, it deletes what I wrote, so here's a follow-up post instead. I've owned a rescued Fila, who sadly had permanent mental issues from many early months of neglect and abuse. And my friend owns a Xolo. And some other breeds we had as clients are Cane Corsos...
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    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    I've seen Boerboels, Basenjis, a Komondor, and a gorgeous Anatolian Shepherd, which was used to guard/protect sheep. Then there was a Bully Kutta, Gull Terr, and Ca de Bou imported by and owned by a good friend. Those dogs had me :eek: :hail: . I've actually seen quite a variety, but...
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    Horse people! Pony aficionados!

    Correct. ;)
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    Horse people! Pony aficionados!

    But...they're seriously entertaining! And adorable! :lol-sign:
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    Horse people! Pony aficionados!

    An Arabian is never considered a pony. Ever.
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    Horse people! Pony aficionados!

    For the record: a mini stud can, and will, impregnate a full-size horse. Just wanted to throw that out there in case some were unaware if this simple biological fact and decided to further throw such animals together. A horse is a horse no matter its size. My 14 hh Arab is a horse despite...
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    Do you think this is sound advice?

    This. IMO, that's some odd advice. And probably going to get someone bitten.
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    "SDs" at Airport?

    I know, right? :popcorn: