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  • 1.5" to 2"; I have to hold it up to her double chin and decide how wide she can have it; I'll taper it to 1 1/4" at the buckle/dee ring though. It's a bit tidier that way.
    Oh, can't wait to see the new grrrl :D

    By the way, have you been doing any new leatherwork? I keep looking at your pages hoping to see more, especially your ink work.
    Are you going to post some of your painted/tooled (not sure what the proper term is :o ) work on your website?
    I know dogs don't dwell on the past. So we're just working on her future. I'm sure she'll come around. I just posted because Craig's feelings seem to be hurt and I want to show him that it's not his fault and it's also not something that cannot be "fixed". As it is, she's sprawled out on the kitchen floor snoring away. And giving her a treat on his way out is a great idea. She does bark when he leaves, but heck...it's 4:30 am and it's dark and all she knows is someone is moving around by the front door. I think I will make some venison jerky and let that be is "special" thing for her. Thanks for the idea!
    Just because it's good to hear . . . you have NO idea how I lust after one of your white/pink, big wide spiked collar for Kharma above all other collars. Truly, if I had any money at all - literally - she would have one. :)
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