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  • Heath ~~ what a wonderful surprise arrived today !! My jaw dropped to the floor ! You have no idea how much I appreciate the lovely ham . All my thanks to you and Sean and my you have a wonderful Christmas !!! Pat ( Grammy ~ Bubbatd )
    Hey MT, thanks for saving chaz :) The only change I've noticed so far as been positive, I'm so glad you've switched from fastclick ads!
    Heads up to anyone who reads this:
    Heath is awesome. He's won my heart, at least!
    Thanks again, Heath!!!!
    Awww thanks. We have an 18 m.o. girl and of course she was spoiled rotten this Christmas. She's lucky to have so many people who want to pamper her!! ha ha. Aren't they fun? Kids I mean? What did you get your daughter for Christmas?
    Thanks for the warm welcome! It is nice to meet someone not so hostile... lol

    My Christmas was GREAT! The first one for my baby girl, she is 5 months!

    I hope yours was great too!
    Hey MT. Welcome to the forum. :) Don't worry, everyone will warm up to you and the idea of change eventually. Personally, I enjoy change and can't wait to see what is to come. Hope you had a great Christmas.
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