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  • Seriously? I spend all this time registering, stating that black is black, spending time creating my first post, and now I have to wait until a moderator gets around to oking it? REALLY?
    Hi, my name is Steve and could I ask you to please cancel my subscription here? Maybe in the future I'll be back, but I think this isn't the place for me right now. I'll come back and register at a later date in the future. I would appreciate it. Thank You.


    My name is Katie and I work for Turner TV’s advertising agency. We are working with Turner to promote the Pet Awards which are on this Sunday 13th Sept in Regents Park, London. We were wondering if any Chazhound members would be interested in attending the event?

    This is the official information, it should be a really good day and it’s free too which is good!

    On Sunday, the 13th September kids TV channel Boomerang are hosting the Pet Awards in London’s famous Regent’s Park. And the whole event is FREE for you and all your family to attend!

    The park will be filled with rides, stalls, races, obstacle courses and even a petting zoo; it’s sure to be a fun-filled day for the family.

    All you have to do is visit Boomerang Pet Personality Awards| Enter your pet online to win prizes and click “Read More About the Event” to find out how to get there and give us your email if you want a reminder nearer the time.

    Please let me know if you could put this up for us or if you have any questions

    Thank you

    Very strange. I just looked at the users and there were a slew of guests all at the same place in the galleries, seemingly. They all had similar IPs as well.

    Weird. I figured it might be one of those bots spamming with viagra or porn ads . . . I'll try to check back on it before I crash.
    hi, i love your forum, its probally the best, i have a dog forum, and i only have 5 members, how do you get so many?
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