Housetraining Help and Morale Booster!


Owned by Fidget
May 12, 2011
Ontario, Canada
For all those who have young puppies that are peeing an pooping in the house, don't lose hope!!!
(I almost lost hope back when I was housetraining Fidget, but I didn't give up)

Some days you WILL feel like losing your mind. Some days you will think that the housetraining will never end. I felt this way when my dog was younger, but believe me, things will get better!

> Keep on using the reinforcement!!! Tell them "no" when you catch them in the act and take them right outside.
As soon as they go outside, praise, praise, praise, praise and praise some more. Give them treats. Pet them, fuss over them, make it a big deal. You want them to know what they did was a good thing!

> Clean the area WELL. Use enzyme cleaner to break down the urine scent. Do not allow the puppy to see you cleaning their mess.

> Do not allow puppies to wander around the house unsupervised. Keep your puppy in the same room with you or on leash (tethered to your waist) and if you can't watch your puppy, put it in a crate or playpen.

> Try to prevent it. If the puppy is sniffing more than usual and walking in circles (especially quick or anxious circles) then promptly take them outside. Prevention is the best! The fewer times they actually are able to go indoors the faster the housetraining, generally.

> Use a potty word. I use "Hurry Up". To teach the potty word, wait until the puppy starts going potty, and say "Hurry Up" (or whatever word you want). As soon as the puppy is done say "Good Hurry Up!!!!" and throw them a party with treats and praise.

> Don't expect your 10 week old puppy to be housetrained. It won't happen and will only make you more upset when they mess on the floor. Puppies usually don't start to "get it" until they are at least 6 months old, and are not fully trustworthy until they are over a year old.

> Even if it seems they are housetrained, there will be setbacks. Do not trust a puppy fully, even if they show good behaviour. Fidget, even at 9 months, still makes a mistake now and then, although very rarely.

Hopefully this post will help someone. These were the kind of posts that helped me when I was housetraining my dog. It gave me hope when I was ready to pull my hair out.

PS: If you dont own a carpet cleaner, get one or ask if you can borrow one from a friend or relative. (I borrowed my mom's) IT WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND during this time.
It sucks up everything...and you don't have to spend ages bent over the carpet with your rubber gloves and a rag. lol. You still need to use the enzyme spray afterwards though.

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