potty training

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    Peeing on the couch?! HELP!!

    Hi Everyone! I’m at my wits end I don’t know what to do. I have 2 rescue Maltese. One boy and one girl. My boy is great and I don’t have any behavioral issues with him. But recently my girl has me ready to pull my hair out! She’s always been a sneaky pee-er; instead of telling me she needs to go...
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    misty method

    I'm interested to know how many other breeders use the misty method of early potty training to help the new families potty train. We use it but none of the other breeders near me do. sierravalleylabs.com
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    Potty Training Not Working... Please, Help!

    I have an 8 month old German Shepherd Mix puppy who I adopted 5 months ago. Since then, my boyfriend and I have been following crate training by the book but he still pees in the house daily (sometimes multiple times a day). We put him in his crate, and we only let him out of the crate if he...
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    Housetraining Help and Morale Booster!

    For all those who have young puppies that are peeing an pooping in the house, don't lose hope!!! (I almost lost hope back when I was housetraining Fidget, but I didn't give up) Some days you WILL feel like losing your mind. Some days you will think that the housetraining will never end. I...
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    My 8 month old puppy goes to the bathroom overnight

    this just started about a week ago, my 8 month old puppy pees on the carpet while i am sleeping. i spend all of the day with her watching her making sure she goes out, she never goes to the bathroom inside during the day. at around 11 at night she goes outside for a walk, and will occasionally...