1. dogtrainingpro


    WEANING Starting from three to four weeks of age, puppies begin to crave more nutrients and calories than milk alone can provide. However, they’re not quite ready to eat solid dog food yet! As well as this, a sudden upgrade from milk replacer to solid puppy food would cause diarrhea and an upset...
  2. dogtrainingpro


    Newborn Puppy Nutrition Health Concerns in Newborn Puppies Signs Your Newborn Puppy Needs to See the Vet Newborn Puppy Growth and Development Stages Newborn Puppy Care Newborn puppy care is an exciting and daunting job to take on. During their first few weeks of life, puppies develop fast and...
  3. multipet

    MultiPet - Pet Toys and Grooming

    For more than 20 years, MultiPet has been providing quality pet products that are paired with unique designs and durable materials that are made to last! Since our establishment in 1995, we have been recognized as the leading supplier of pet products within the pet industry. Whether you are in...
  4. Gwen22

    Little Pit with strange poop

    Hey guys, I have several pit bulls. The one I'm concerned about is my room mates, she has claimed me as her own, but she recently got over parvo but her poop is still strange. The best way to describe it is pudding but that's not quite right. See the poop itself goes from solid to pudding a...
  5. Magical Curiosity

    Magical Curiosity

    Magic (Borzoi) at 4 months of age
  6. C

    What kind of mix is my rescue pup?!

    Hello- I adopted Toby from a rescue as a puppy in January 2016- he was about 18 pounds when I got him and around 3 months old. All they knew was he was some type of hound mix (I saw his mom-i'll post a pic of her as well, she's the one in the pictures with a lot of white fur ) and he would be...
  7. A

    What breed is my puppy?

    I have a 5 month old, 15 pound puppy named Coconut. I'm curious what breeds you think he is mixed with because I am frequently asked if he is different breeds. file:///C:/Users/Alyssa/Pictures/2015-06-12/image3.JPG file:///C:/Users/Alyssa/Pictures/2015-06-12/image2.JPG
  8. G

    Looking more like an adult now.

    It's been a bit since I updated, but Bijuu's doing well. We've started practicing stacking and while we're not there yet I think we're progressing nicely. As of today at 10 months old my little butt head it 26 in at the shoulder and 75lbs. Critique and suggestions are welcome since I'm hoping to...
  9. StompinT

    Thinking of trying Herding

    My Bouvier is 4 months old, and at 6 months I would like to introduce him to stock and start the beginning of herding. My question for those who are knowledgeable about the sport is: is there any reason I wouldn't want to do herding with him? For example, will it develop his prey drive and make...
  10. B

    Urgent help needed guys! Pls Help :(

    Hello everyone, I am kinda new to all the dog talk, and not very technically sound so kindly bear with me. I have a doberman pup 5.5 months old, he was a voracious eater, forever hungry and extremely energetic. However about 3 weeks back, he lost his appetite (which was shocking), and I took...
  11. StompinT

    I want a new leather collar

    I have my Bouvier puppy (yeah!) and want to get him a great leather collar. In my mind, I'm picturing leather, with colored stitching. Does this exist? How much should I expect to spend to get a quality collar? All suggestions welcome!
  12. G

    More Bijuu Photos

    He's really putting on the weight and yet is very lean. He's gonna be built like a tank. I'm really having a blast with him. I'm glad my landlord's dog has taken a liking to him, she helps me wear him out.
  13. L

    What breed?

    She is almost 1 year old and 17 lbs. Any ideas? I think she has some Jack Russell Terrier in her, but other than that, idk.
  14. P

    Puppy blues—advice needed!

    Puppy blues—advice needed! We have a three year old male miniature dachshund and a week ago brought home our eight week old female whippet puppy—she is now approaching nine weeks. As I am sure everyone thinks—we *thought* we had made a considered and informed decision after about two...
  15. M

    Basenji wanted near St. Louis, Missouri

    Hello, I live about one and half hours south east of St. Louis, Missouri and am very interested in the basenji breed. I have been researching them for over two years and I want to interact with a basenji and talk to their owner about their experiences before coming to a final decision. You do...
  16. S

    New Puppy Toy Poodle in Our Family...HI : )

    We just had a new member that joined our family. His name is Abu. He brings the SUNSHINE to us, and I thought we can share it to everyone and make your day a little brighter. Come visit him at www.facebook.com/StoryOfAbu for your daily dose of sunshine :popcorn: He's a teacup poodle...
  17. H

    Puppy housebroken...no longer housebroken?

    I'm really hoping this is the right spot - I just made this account to see if I could get some advice. If it's not correct please tell me where I can post this. My 6 mo. Jack Russell Terrier has been potty trained for the last few months since we brought her home. We have a doggy door for her...
  18. C

    Need some help!!!

    Hey Guys, My boyfriend and I recently got our puppy Ninja on Craigslist from a really sweet woman who I guess couldn't take care of her due to family circumstances. Ninja is such a sweet puppy, a total love bug, not really aggressive at all, but oh man, is she stubborn. She's between 5-6...
  19. SharkBait

    Cue the *awww* ..lot's of puppies!

    Hey guys, It's been forever since I've last posted here, but I've been looking through the picture threads recently & loving the new members' dogs! Anyways, I met 7 little Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies tonight and I just had to share these pictures with you! They're only 5 weeks old...
  20. SarahHound

    4 months old! *pic heavy*

    We have had this little scrap for a month today! :eek: How?! Her fur is getting thicker, her brown is more gingery coloured now, she's getting a stripe down her back, and black hairs in places. She turned 4 months yesterday. Todd and Ceitidh by Niseag, on Flickr Hai! by Niseag, on...