Fila at high kill shelter!


Couch Pototoe City
May 29, 2008
I think the adopters are not getting the dog now. But, she said I wouldn't be able to adopt her when she was well...some policy they have in that area. I dunno... Brain kinda shut down for a few moments at that time.

I was concerned when this came up that the shelter that had Lizzie may not allow an adoption if the dog was going to leave the area. ( especially out of state.) If they were tipped off to this in any way, that could be the source. The county where I use to live had this "rule". They claimed it was to prevent a dog being adopted out, leaving the area, then being used for things such as dog fighting, or even breeding if not spayed or neutered already. That shelter would adopt to a "breed rescue" but not to an indivual that was going to transport the dog out of the area.. ( just a thought what could have been the problem filarotten..)

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