an intro to my animal family

Nov 20, 2009

I have two dogs one is a pure beagle and she is a sweet gentle girl who loves everyone. They only problem is she eats everything and is getting a little chunky even though we walk for at least 45 mins a day. She is missing one eye and has been that way since birth. She runs into doors once in a while but it hasn't slowed her down any. She doesn't like men, my husband works out of town a lot so she doesn't see a lot of grown men. It is a running joke in our house that he has trained her to do that. The other dog is a Beagle X he is lovable and loves people. He was starved and I think beaten before we got him but we have fattened him up. He loves to snuggle and is forever cuddled in front of the fire place. He hates the rain or getting his toes wet. He is really aggressive with other dogs (he never had a problem with our beagle because she is so submissive that she rolled on her back before he could get aggressive and started to lick his face.) Any other dog he has encountered he has tried and sometimes successfully attacked. It makes me very sad because we could do so much more with him if he would just be more mellow. I have a cat as well he is almost as big as our dogs and will climb anything. He is mellow and laid back. He has never scratched anything or anyone he just climbs out of their way if the kids are to loud for him (I don't let my kids or any kids torment my animals). That is my animal family. I am new to this chat room thing and am looking forward to meeting some animal lovers.

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