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    Why dog training really matters

    Owning a dog is really easy. Personally, I have experienced owning a dog brings joy to my life. However, this part can be really tricky when it comes to obedience training. Personally, I feel the right training is necessary as far as helping the dog integrate with your family and friends is...
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    14 Tips for Puppy Potty Training Success

    14 Tips for Puppy Potty Training Success Teaching your new puppy where and when to “go” is a huge milestone in your relationship. In addition to reducing messy potty accidents, housetraining will bring you closer together while helping your furry friend learn the rules of home. Follow these...
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    introduce yourself

    hello everyone, i'm a newbie this year i'm 29 years old my job is a dog trainer and i'm also studying nutrition and diet for dogs, i've learned a lot from video books... and so far I have had a lot of experience in dog raising.....
  4. jfn

    Training dog to give paw

    Hi everyone, Now am training my dog to give paw :) It's been fun! People love to see it when our dogs do this. :popcorn: In that link there's a video and instructions in case you'd like to teach your dog too. cheers
  5. jfn

    Teaching dog to come

    Hi everyone! Starting to train my dog to come. Here is a blog post/video on how I plan to do that: If you are training your dog too please let me know so that we can share experiences. Thanks!
  6. jfn

    Tomorrow starts Nina's training

    Hi! Tomorrow I'll start teaching Nina her first trick, which will be to learn how to sit. Here is the procedure I'll use to teach her to sit Wish me luck :) You are invited to train your dog along with me as well !
  7. vmills

    The Biggest Obstacle to Successful Dog Training

    What do you do when a family member constantly interferes with what you're trying to do with dog training? Here's the story: The Biggest Obstacle to Successful Dog Training
  8. L

    Crate Training Basics

    To a dog, a crate can be like his own special home inside your home. A safe place, a den of sorts, that your dog can go to when he wants to feel secure. Some people think that putting your dog in a crate is cruel, but it is only cruel if you do it in an abusive manner such as leaving your dog in...
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    Hi Everyone... It's John Smith [Certified Dog Trainer]

    hi, My name is John Smith and i am a Certified Dog Trainer. I have been training dogs for the past 15 years. Well if you need any help from me do let me know via this forum & i will be happy to assist you. :) kindest, John
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    Dog Training Guide Site

    Hello guyz, check out this site I've put up on dog behavior training. It's pretty new so I would appreciate the feedback from experienced and loving dog owners =) URL: Dog Behavior Training: Problem-Understanding-Solution
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    Very Funny Dog Training Video-Bo's Way

    Unarchived footage of Bo's canine good citizen test. Watch as he makes his mother proud. YouTube - Funny Dog Training - Bo's WayYouTube - Funny Dog Training - Bo's Way
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    Get FREE Dog Training, Nutrition & Health tips!

    Committed to the health and well-being of dogs, my FREE newsletter is full of helpful information for you and your dog. Don't miss out, get yours today!
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    Hi Everyone! New Dog Lover Here! :)

    Hi Everybody, I just joined this dog forum and I'm hoping to make some new buddies and have fun talking dogs. :) My name is D.J. I live in Idaho, and due to some unfortunate circumstances, I'm currently dogless. I'm hoping to get a new puppy soon. I love training and run my own dog...
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    Another Dog Lover Joins the Pack

    Hey All, I'm a middle-aged guy who has been raising/training/living with dogs since I got out on my own. My lovely wife and I never got around to having kids so dogs have been an integral part of the "love exchange" in our household. My last three (Gunner the 3 legged Lab, Karl the GSP and...
  15. S

    How to Improve Your Dog's Listening Skills

    For us humans, push ups are meant to build upper body strength. However the dog version of push ups is meant to sharpen your dog's listening skills. This is a combination of "sit up" and "lie down." Here is a video demonstration <br> YouTube - Canine pushups <br> This smiley is supposed to...
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    New site for Dog Owners -

    Hi all, Just wanted to you to know about my new site for dog owners - offers dog owners valuable tips and information to help you take great care of your dog. At you will find tips on basic dog care, dog training, dog...
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    A quick hello From A UK Based Dog Lover

    Hello everyone. My name is Haydn Tomas. am a dog lover and pro web developer. I thought I would join the forum to give my own tips and advice on everything doggie based. I have my own dog website from which I sell my own books. I regularly write dog training articles and am a regular...
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    she's a sneaky pooping spy - HELP!

    My roommate and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and he has a 6 month old cocker spaniel named Lucy. She is getting better at giving a little bark when she needs to be taken outside ... however every time I happen to leave my bedroom door even slightly open she'll sneak her way in and make her...
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    New Site (Blog) for Dog Owners

    Hello all ! I have a new site/blog for dog owners with articles on all kinds of topics, such as: Adoption Training Breeds Dog Names etc....and adding more every week. Please stop by sometime and join the Newsletter or RSS feed for updates. If anyone has a...
  20. RosanaHart All Positive Training Methods covers dog training from the point of view of the ever more popular positive dog training methods, which use pain-free methods. The puppies and dogs work more willingly for positive rewards, and don't have to suffer the fear that comes from training with the older methods...