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  • You weren't around when CP got me started on it, but if you'll check the spam sigs, the ones that have an * by them (like Pet12) have been *fixed* Go ahead and click, lol.
    I'd love it if they were. They might learn something useful on this forum about dogs. And why it's silly to add another problem to your existing, unsolved problem and not wonder wtf happened when the problems multiply.
    I like you a lot, so please don't take this as me hating you or something, because I don't, but your posts in Cristy's thread are really pissing me off and not helping her one bit, if she's reading them. The only judgments I saw in there were about what kind of owners they were for Opie, and with all the facts on the table, I find it hard that anyone couldn't judge. They really are a bad thing for him - the lack of effort in training their other human aggressive dog should be an indicator of that.

    We all hate the situation, and how bad it is for Cristy and Opie - they're both my friends, too. :( But the thing is, if a good, qualified home had tried to adopt him, we wouldn't have had anything to say except that we're sad it's not with Cristy and that we hope it works out for him. The people who DID end up adopting Opie shouldn't be qualified for a easy dog, much less a fearful, underconfidant mastiff who has a previous history of human aggression. Nearly every one of the senior volunteers and the adoption committee agrees about this, but no one had the guts to stand up and tell them no. They just handed Opie over to Carla to let her make the decision without telling her the entire story and reminding her of the issues both dogs have. The deciding factor ended up being that both dogs got along in the kennels.
    Behold.. The awesome power of killer psychic Turtles.. Yeah, they are good these prescription medications.. ;)
    Hello, I'm surprised to find someone else up at this crazy time in the morning. Since I'm new, would you mind telling me what kind of dog(s) you have? I have a one year old Samoyed.
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