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    Help - Betta fish

    The tap water probably has some disolved CO2. CO2 will decrease the pH. CO2 + H2O --> H2CO3 That is carbonic acid (and also why fossil fuels are damaging reefs...). I bet if you tested the water after leaving it out all night, the pH would rise. The pH in the tank is not a problem...
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    Help - Betta fish

    So you took him out of a filtered tank and put him in vase which rapidly fell to room temperature while building any ammonia faster then put him back in the tank and let it heat up. Yeah, that could be your problem. Lets say you keep him at 80f and change half the water, but its 70f...
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    Boise, anyone?

    Guys with guns who can't tell a cattle dog from a coyote. October will be hunting season for something. Some rattlesnakes. Maybe cougars.
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    "Working Kelpie"

    Uhh, why is there something called a "Working Kelpie" in the AKC FSS?
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    The Venting Thread

    There is a limit to how much smoke can escape his property. So call the city, they'll send someone, and it will almost invariably not be enough for charges, but someone going around with a smoke meter might catch his attention.
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    Favourite things to do with zucchini!

    Feed it to plecos
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    The Venting Thread

    I plan on reintroducing cows to chicago, so they can burn it down again,
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    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    Try it with water? Its possible they don't like the wetness, not the product. A lot of dogs aren't going to like the sensation of being restrained and having something wet put on them.
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    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    A poison that is only a poison to non mammals isn't really a poison to dogs. Meanwhile arsenic isn't a poison for those bacteria that eat it, but it is to you and me.
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    The Venting Thread

    Moving, buying a house. Lender: so whats this credit check from 2mo ago. me: Uhh, that is the motorcycle i bought before I knew i was moving. If you payed any attention when we went through everything weeks ago, you would have figured it out?
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    The musing thread

    Explain that one to me? :rolleyes:
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    I don't know what you guys are talking about, OP was complaining about misquotes! ;) Super hot and dry here. Not enough for misquotes, but the flies are attracted to anything wet.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Did the whole animal thing backwards. Cat 12 years. BC/ACD type thing 9 years Labrador-ish 8 years
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    Tugging Makes Them Mean

    Just make sure your dog is tugging the toy and not your carhartt jacket when its 15f out. That hurt a bit the first spring day, and took weeks to fix. (perhaps both of us were a bit overzealous on the tug ;) )
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    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    Guppy math. Either you need a new tank for fry, or a new tank for something to eat them all.