"Working Kelpie"


Ball Obsessed
Oct 14, 2013
Working Kelpies (a breed apart from the Australian Kelpie) were added to AKC despite next to no one with the breed being happy about it. There is no breed club in this country, only a registry, so it's not like they had anyone to get permission from as it is. I believe they're using the FCI standard for Australian Kelpies (who look nothing like a Working Kelpie, and again, are a different breed due to issues in Australia already!) They were added at one point in the 90's, but a huge uproar from the kelpie community made them take them out.

I'm a strong believe that it's the breeders who ruin dogs/breeds, not the registry, so I may register my Kelpie so I can participate in performance events, but I'm unsure yet. Most people in the breed could care less about sports and are worried the integrity of the breed will be lost as a herding dog if the focus shifts too much toward sports (or conformation I guess?).

I hope that answered your question :)

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