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  • Ugh. Poor things. I think I'll end up in TN in the end. They're waiting for me to graduate just so I can go!
    Some of the hippos have infusions of Neo blood, too, I suspect. :(

    You'd love 'Llulah, lol. And our Pits down here overall :D
    Renee, you're right - it's not the complete truth, but it is more likely most of todays APBTs get their blue color from AmStaffs and not Blue Paul dogs ;)
    For your information arsenal ;)

    It's not necessarily true that there are no blue APBTs. Here, in the east Tennessee/western NC/Georgia mountain area that was settled by the Irish and Scots looking to get away from English tyranny, we have a strain of APBT that carries the Blue Paul genes


    That's an historic photo of the Blue Paul circa 1905. Look like anyone you've seen? ;)
    You know I seriously love you and am so freaking proud of the young woman you've turned yourself into. <3
    Renee!!! You have been on my mind a lot. How are you :) Funny you say this, I just posted a threat in the Fire Hydrant! I'm doing okay, went through some family counseling and moved back home. It's far from perfect, but it's better.
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