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    What happened to the "old Chaz"?

    Ohhhhhhhh okay! Gotcha. Thank you. Where is Renee? Is she still here?
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    What happened to the "old Chaz"?

    Hey guys, What happened to the "old Chaz"...? When did we get this new layout? Do we have completely new mod's, as well? Where is Renee? Miss you guys and hope all is well.
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    Is this a hot spot?

    Magnum & I have been hitting the river multiple times a week, where he greatly enjoys swimming. A few days ago I noticed rash-type symptoms developing and today it looks much worse. I gave him a bath a few days ago when I first noticed it, however we have been to the river since then and the...
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    Any clue what this could be on my chin?

    I've had it for almost a month now, but it disappeared for about a week and now it's back, in the same exact spot, with the same exact look. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday, but until then, I'm really freaking out about it.
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    Hey Chazzers? Thanks.

    Just went through all my old posts (on this account and SmexyPibble, too) and couldn't stop smiling. childhood was ROUGH but you guys really got me through it. That makes all of you Chazzers (those of you still active :( I know I'm not anymore, so it's only understandable) family...
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    Leaving dog with roommates when I leave

    I just moved into a new place a few weeks ago. My dog is still having a rough time warming up to my roommates. He wants nothing to do with them yet they have been begging me to leave his crate open and my bedroom door unlocked so he can get accustomed to them, but he refuses to leave the bedroom...
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    Oh, Chaz...Cellulitis?

    They did do a blood culture to see if it was MRSA since I had MRSA in the past (about 5 years ago now) and the MRSA test was negative, although I'm wondering how accurate that is since when this infection started I got these little puss filled "zit looking blemishes" on my left leg (where the...
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    Oh, Chaz...Cellulitis?

    Pictures Here are pictures: *Note how rapidly it progressed 10/4 (pain began 10/2, this is when the swelling started. Compare this to the photos taken today & how similar they are) 10/5 10/7 10/8 (in hospital on IV antibiotics) Taken literally 5 minutes ago:
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    Oh, Chaz...Cellulitis?

    OK, so..I'll break it down... The pain & swelling in my LEFT foot started on 10/2, I did not head to the ER until 10/5, at which point I not only had swelling in my foot but ALSO had a gigantic, puss-filled “sore†on my left butt cheek (from which it drained pink/orange puss with little...
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    Cracked/blistered feet from working in extreme heat

    I am hoping you guys may be able to give me some insight or ideas for a very blistered and painful foot! My dad pours asphalt for work so his feet are around 400 degree asphalt all day long & one of his feet has been reacting rather badly to it for the past year (only one foot though, not...
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    Anyone else up and wanna chat or something?

    Haha wow quite the time difference. What are your plans today? Where do you live? Are you having a good morning?
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    Moving to ALASKA: Traveling with pit bull & phone plans

    First, let me thank you both for your replies, I really appreciated both of your guys's input. As far as calling him a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier, you are right, I should not do that, and I have always thought that he is mixed with something else, maybe I can find some better pictures...
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    Anyone else up and wanna chat or something?

    It is 4:04am here and I cannot sleep for the life of me, and even if I could now it would be pointless because I need to be up in a few hours! Anyone else in this same predicament and perhaps want to chat it up?! :popcorn:
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    Moving to ALASKA: Traveling with pit bull & phone plans

    Hello there, I am going to be moving to Alaska next month and am hoping to get some help & insight. Traveling with an APBT when they are a restricted breed on Alaska Airlines: When traveling with an American Pit Bull Terrier - it states on the Alaska Airlines website that there are breed...
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    Which breed would you rather have?

    Anatolian for sure!! Bernese Mountain Dog or Catahoula