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  • Excellent! Although if you are on I-40 it will take you through Knoxville, depending on where you pick it up. If you come down 25E from Corbin, KY, you miss Knoxville and come straight into Morristown. It's a prettier route, through the mountains, and much of it is four lane now.
    I would SO love to meet you and yours :) I'm right at the eastern edge of Tennessee. Morristown is at the junction of I-81 and I-40. Asheville, NC is a little over an hour and a half from me. I think I took I-75 up to Indianapolis the times I went up to visit Grammy. I'm guessing your route is going to come right by here :)

    Of course you know if you're remotely in range I'll be happy to drive over and meet you somewhere on your route even if it's not as close as I think it's going to be.
    Somewhere I have an original hardbound copy of Mists. I loved it. I need to find it and read it again. I've replaced my copy of The Forgotten Beasts of Eld finally, as well as Tam Lin from the Fairy Tale Series. Have you read any of Juliet Marillier's Sevenwaters series?
    I was thinking of splurging on a bottle of cheap red wine and curling up on the bed with my three and sharing some of the crackers with them -- a memorial party for Cleo and Grammy. They both liked their wine . . . maybe they are sharing a glass now.
    Well, you've shown me you're not forgetful. I had a package on my front porch this evening :) THANK YOU! It's been an awful day. Your timing was perfection.
    Happy Birthday! Here's a birthday song for a woman who has a wonderfully warped sense of fun and has discriminating, eclectic taste :D YouTube - Voltaire - Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend) Music Video Love ya.
    Thanks, Jules, for standing up on the Foxy thread :) You're one who can always be counted on to say/do what you feel is right and you should know it's much appreciated.
    Off and on, but a lot today :) I've missed you. Family - me and the dogs - are good. The people with whom I share genetic material? Driving me to the brink of insanity as usual.
    Happy birthday!!! :d
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