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  • So far we are making it thru. That has been the worse thing to happen. Hopefully it will stay that way.

    When does she stop bleeding? Is it like one week after, that she can become preggy?

    Oh, the tool...he uses a 10" really sharp wire/sidecutter on his nails crescent brand. I'm kinda thankful Cleo has some white nails, easier to cut.
    Ah, hormones . . . Bimmer's much the same way when Kharma's in, although he still listens to me well. But SH1T is he loud :eek:
    Well, right now all he cares about is making me pet him. However, that can change at any given moment. he tore down the blinds in the livingroom, we had her outside with us. I can't believe this is my dog...
    It wilil all be over one day and it will seem like just a bad dream, lol. How's Brutie holding up?
    She is bleeding like a stuck pig. The diapers didn't work she shredded them. Is this really going to be over...one day?
    Oh, that poor sweetheart! She'll be overjoyed, though, when she gets to come home again. A few trips out and back home and she'll feel secure though. She is such a sweet, sweet souled creature.
    pfft you have nothing to aplogize for. I'm thankful for everything you have done for me and cleo. I love any pictures of her you can find, even if she is here with me, I still like looking at her pictures.But, no hurry! I especially like the pictures you take...she looks awesome in them. Mine...well lets just say I don't do her or Brutus justice, poor dogs. I will glady give her a kiss from you. If you whisper me your address I will send your harness back to you. I took it off lastnight. I'm keeping her home for this week so she can get settled in (although I honestly think she is) before we head off in to the sunset. Thank you so much for letting us use the harness Stephanie.

    She and I are looking forward to when you come visit us...She's going to love seeing you, Brutus will too.
    Hey Linda - I just wanted to apologize. I forgot to give you these pictures. I'm sorry. . . but here they are:





    I still have so many unedited, although I figure you probably wont want them since you have Dahlia there now. If you do, just tell me. :) And would give her a kiss for me?
    She loves two things, food and attention, so I am using that to my advantage right now and making her work for what she wants. I took the harness off of her lastnight,... I know she has to be tired of wearing it after it being on for over a week. I think I'm going to try a medium on her and see if it fits a little better. Trying to get this stupid video to work. I have had computer issues this morning.
    Cleo loves sugar cookies as well as peanut butter cookies, she also likes black licorice, and pig ears. I had to suspend her off the ice, she became a teenage mutant monster taking it out of our hands. When she gets back to politeness she can have it again. We have had a few teenage moments today, nothing major...just trying to strut her stuff a little. Dad is home and backing up the enforcement so she has decided she isn't getting her way being pushy.
    WHOOT!!! Once that first step gets taken she's on her way :)

    How does she like Brutie's sugar cookies?
    I took a little video of the dogs trying to play this morning. As soon as I get my password for photobucket I will post it. Poor Cleo, she just does'nt know what to do yet. But we have made progress she did take the end into her mouth
    We are doing well and you and Brutis? You were going through some pretty harsh times, I hope things have eased up
    Is he a butt or eyes dog? lol

    I hope it works out for you. I'm too far to be of any help, I think, but let me know if I can do anything.
    They're doing well, thanks for asking. It's so nice that you are helping that poor baby out. Brutie will love a fila sister, I'm sure. :)
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