Rocco in the gree, green grass

This is our beloved Rocco strolling happily about in "his" garden. He enjoys to play there and he is fond of taking long walks in the snow which is quite important in a country like Austria.
This is a very good photo. Rocco is a beautiful, beautiful dog and you've chosen a background that compliments him very well and caught a marvelous expression on his face. Good job!
Hi Rene,

many thanks for your message. My name is Ulrike and I am from Austria. Rocco is the first pet in my life and I am really proud of him. I got him when he was 4 1/2 months old (today he is 7 months old). At that time he already lived with 2 different families. You might imagine that it was not easy with him in the beginning, but now we got used to each other and I would never ever leave him.
Best regards from snowy Austria,
Ulrike and Rocco
Awwww he looks so fluffy,I feel like I want to go give him a big hug! He's so cute! You're lucky!
Regarding the breed of ROCCO:
His father was a golden retriever and his mother a golden retriever/shepherd dog (bot not a German one, I do not know the correct English word for this breed), but I am not quite sure. Unfortunately we do not know very much about his past. The people who owned him before did not care at all. Example: At the age of nearly 4 months when I got him he had not been to a veterinarian and he was frightened of many things. Little by little we got used to each other and he seems to be a happy dog now.

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