Jasmin Nixon

In this picture, Jasmin was 6 weeks old. She was the cutest German Puppy I'd ever seen. I love her so much I decided to work at home so I can be with her.
Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh! I want another German Shepherd puppy! They are so darling - like nothing else. Now I'll have to go look at Bimmer's puppy pictures again.
This puppy is really cute! I would highly appreciate it if I could take a pic like this from my dog, but unfortunately he always moves or tries to bite into the string of the cam.
Jasmin right now 1yr and 2month old.
To see more of her pictures: http://www.kartmagic.com/photos/jasmin/
hello i have done a drawing of your dog and wondered if you wanted to view purchase it i also wondered if i could print my work and sell it

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