My 6 month old Alaskan Malamute Pakak. What a naughty boy.
That's exactly what Rocky does! Pakak is a beautiful representation of his breed.
I have two Shelties, and they have a thing about toilet paper. We have to keep it on top of the bathroom counter.
how big does those malamute get?? I've seen one on our San Fransico trip and saw a huge beautiful malamute. I think they are MUCH bigger than huskies.
Yeah Malamutes are MUCH bigger then huskies Pakak is alot bigger now then he was in that pic. Male malamutes can grow to be 125 lbs where a female can grow to be 85 lbs height range for both 23-28 inches. Where a male Siberian husky weighs about 60 lbs at the most and is 23.5 inches tall and a female weighs only about 35 lbs and is 20 inches tall (I have grown up around both breeds so i kind of have it memorized lol).
what is it with the freaking paper towels anyway?? better then books but geezzzz..hey Pakak is looking fine!
Can't believe I missed this one! Kharma's got a thing for paper towels, too . . . and toilet paper :( He's definitely living up to his name, lol! And not even ashamed to fall asleep in the midst of his mayhem. What a guy!

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