G'night Vic

I think Vic should be a dog model. The camera loves him, and I think he likes it too. I have been looking at a lot of Vics pictures and she is a beautiful dog. I really like the expressions her eyes have. Gorgeous!
I know it isn't obvious, and when i first got him i didn't realize, but he is i recogize that he smiles with his bottom teeth showing.
Thank you for all your kind words about my puppy, he is a ton of fun to photograph...i have to limit myself to two or three rolls of film a month and because i have no flash taking them inside is difficult so I am looking forward to spring and our return to the outside i earned a new zoom lens by helping santa take doggy pics this christmas.. I can't wait!
What a great pic - I love the way he has his paws all folded up like that.......
He's my tiny little deer...that is what his legs remind me of..ones with springs on the bottom..boing boing boing

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