camera went click

he looked so sweet asleep his first night home that i took his pic..but the camera went click and that was the end of sleep for him and for me!
our first night made me think things like oh my gosh..I can't do this dog
what have I done...oh no. This dog is too old to do this..had me out at 6 am to drain off some of that energy before we even started our day...he was not an easy adjustment. I made a lot of personal changes and little by little he settled down. Now he is awesome. I hope when yours wakes up it doens't bounce off the walls saying hurrrrrryyyy uppppp there is a whole world out there!!!!!!!!!! GEt up get up get up!
ROFL! My girls are NOT morning creatures. You literally have to roll them off the sofa to go out in the morning. Bimmer's ready to go out on patrol by 7:00 a.m. or so, but he's chilly about the whole thing.
lucky lucky u! I am a 10 am person if left alone and let to sleep...vic is 6 months later about to reach this point! then it is hurrrrrryyyyyyyyy up mom
What a great picture I like the one eye open like "i see you" My dog is a morning lover too. Every morning at 5:30am, I get the best alarm clock ever. Precious giving me kisses and nudging me. I don't even set my regular alarm clock any more she does it for me.

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