Being "aloof"

Caspian posing for the camera.
Well cared for Salukis don't have any extra body fat. They are among the swiftest of all the sight hounds - think of a marathon runner capable of running sub four minute miles . . . all day! Beautiful animal.

My questions to Saluki babe are, do you show Caspian, and did you choose Caspian's name from the Chronicles of Narnia?
yep his ribs are supposed to be showing, Salukis are very similar in build to a grey hound.
And in answer to Renee, we have only shown Caspian the once but after he came second we enrolled him in show classes and his first one is on this wednesday.
And yep his name is from the Narnia books.
I had to ask about the name! When we moved to Tennessee, we got a pair of Bantam chickens and a pair of white ducks. My sister named them Peter and Lucy and Edwin and Susan from the Narnia books. Edwin turned out to be Edwina, though.
It took us ages to figure out a name for him.
Originally I wanted to call him Hermes but my dad said it sounded too much like Herpes, so I quickly changed my mind.
Other names we considered calling him were:
Theoden or theo,
and Sky
But when mum suggested Caspian it fitted so well it seemed perfect.
They are such a beautiful Breed. I don't think I have ever seen one. Are the some what rare?

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