way to curb rough play?


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Aug 1, 2004
My pit mix was beaten up a few times as a young pup and I believe this was the cause of his current behavior. When another dog fetches or runs he is more interested in biting the other playing dog. He refuses to listen to commands (though he listens VERY well in controlled situations).

He has recently injured another dog with this play (I am convinced it is play) but seems oblivious to any correction I have attempted so far. I fear that if I don't get this corrected, I won't be able to let him play with other dogs at all.

He shows almost no other aggressive behavior towards people or dogs. Not even raised hair. Otherwise, he is mild mannered and a very happy pup.
Dec 20, 2003
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It sounds like you've got a very prey-driven dog. He definitely needs to be on a lead when you're out around other dogs, and he may very well not be able to play with other dogs unless it is in a very contained and controlled situation.

You probably need to concentrate very specifically on training and recall commands for the time being, limiting his playtime exposure to other dogs to situations where you have him on a lead and you are careful to avoid any kind of running or chasing activities.

Some dogs are so prey-driven that they will chase anything that they interpret as running from them. They aren't bad dogs, they're just wired a certain way. You have to recognize a dog's innate personality and work with it - not against it; kind of like dealing with people. I've had dogs that didn't play well with others and I've had dogs that were completely at ease with all sorts of other animals. It just depends on the dog and you have to respect that in the long run.

Besides, your dog would rather play with you than with any other dog, so it's not as if he won't have a full, happy life if he can't play with other dogs, now is it?

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