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Nov 29, 2006
So I decided to try and train Tucker to do it using the first method I mentioned above with just the front feet on a perch and I'll video tape it and see how it goes. I just did the first session. Bear in mind he's totally forgotten what the perch is for (it's been at least a year since I've used one) so I spent a little time teaching him he should keep his feet on it (which I removed from the video) and it's not a very strong behavior at the moment but I wanted to see how luring him while his feet were on a perch would go so I just skipped ahead even though he doesn't get the perch. Obviously it'll be better if the dog has a strong desire to keep his feet on the perch.

What I discovered is, for him at least, I'm basically getting him to think he has to make a tiny little jump with his front feet to grab the treat so he brings his back legs in to use them to launch himself up and then I VERY quickly have to get the reward to him before he actually goes ahead and jumps up (he does get a few jumps in). I just want him to prepare to jump, not actually do it. I wasn't able to actually get him to sit in one session, but you can see he starts bringing his back legs in a bit. Unfortunately I cut my hand out of the picture so you can't really see when I'm rewarding

I reward for a LOT more than just those back leg movements right now, but I do reward with more enthusiasm when he does them (instead of just giving a treat I praise too, you could also jackpot). I want to make sure he sticks with the lure. A lot of times he'll back off of it like he thinks I want him to leave it or something, so I want to reward him for really sticking with the lure as it's the only way to get him to follow the lure into a sit. I want to make sure he stays on the perch so I reward whenever I see him think about stepping off but then staying. The actual sitting will come if he stays on the perch at all costs and follows the lure, so I need to reward those things first.

Here is the video. I cut out the first 3 minutes or so because it was super boring, but I just don't want you think he started doing all those crouches right away.


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