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Dec 31, 2004
western Wa
You know what I think would be really nice? A "thank you" button. I know it may seem frivolous or silly to some people, but I have been on other breed specific forums that have this feature. And if you don't have time to respond to a thread just yet or don't think you can get to that person's thread at all, you can simply press the "thank you" button if you choose to. It tells them and others that you think their post or thread topic is worth while or interesting...that you liked it.

I find that here, everyone tells their own story in response to the thread topic and what interests them primarily. I guess it's human nature. But it's not that frequent that anyone really responds to anyone else's posts. Of course we all do at times but more often than not, it feels like everyone is just talking but no one is listening. (even if that's not really true) It just feels like no one is interested in each other's posts all that much.

Is this feature available? Would those in power be willing to see about adding it? Would anyone else besides me like to have this feature? I know I've not been posting as much as I use to...gotten busy as heck with life. But this is one feature I think is reinforcing to those who do post. And we all know what positive ;)reinforcement does to behavior. LOL. It might increase business.

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