Oodles of Doodles Pet Art

Apr 25, 2006
My annoyingly talented significant other is having a sale on his doodle style pet portraits. Thought I would share!

Here are the specifics:

*He really needs a clear photo to work from - no blurry/out of focus shots. He is a miracle worker and can work from horrible photos, but it takes much longer so not an option for this sale. And no asking him to change physical characteristics from the photo such as, oh, sending him a photo of a dog with it's mouth open and ears back but wanting it sketched with it's mouth closed and ears erect. (Someone has seriously done that before, it's not exactly that simple!)

*Background of his choice, but you can mention favorite colors.

*Intricate collar designs will be "dumbed down" if featured in the sketch, otherwise he will spend more time sketching collars than dogs, lol.

*Completed sketch will be sent via High Res digital file through email, you can use the image as you wish once you receive it - you can have it printed at any photo lab and frame it, use it on Facebook, on your website, etc.

Not sure how many of these he'll be taking, but I'll add edit this post when he's full. You can message me for more information/to order through my Facebook account, his Pet Portraits page or PM here.

Another example:

He has about 10 spots left as of this posting and then he will stop the sale so he can complete orders, so don't miss out!

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