1. shadowfacedanes

    Oodles of Doodles Pet Art

    My annoyingly talented significant other is having a sale on his doodle style pet portraits. Thought I would share! Here are the specifics: *He really needs a clear photo to work from - no blurry/out of focus shots. He is a miracle worker and can work from horrible photos, but it...
  2. P

    Hello from PET VOICE ART, Houston, TX

    Hello, We want your opinion on a new Pet product, so help us out please. We record your Pets voice and convert it to ART. Please give us some feedback. Thanks
  3. P

    My Artwork

    Howdy I'm a realism artist/portraitist/illustrator/cartoonist. Here are some of my works! Realism and portraits: "Bo" the German Shepherd "King of the Snow" Snow Leopard Airedale Terrier "Pickles" the cat. "Sandy, Bailey and Shadow" "Shanty" Pit Bull...
  4. AllieMackie

    Call for reference pets - READ FIRST

    Hi! So, I'm asking for some of your pets to be guinea pigs again. :D Here's the deal: I've been practicing digital painting more. I tend to have varying styles, but my style for pet portraits tends to lean towards "realistic cartoon" like these: They have an "inked" outline, and...
  5. AllieMackie

    SO proud of this.

    Okay, so it's not exactly pets... but it's animals! This was painted for a very dear friend, Kim, who sent me a TON of fleece and fur scraps for dog tugs. Not only that, but I've known her for years and she has always been the one to try and give me that push out of my comfort zone, to...
  6. Hearty-Dog

    My sculptures of dogs

    Hi everyone! I love dogs very much (although I currently do not have a dog)! And I'm doing a little art - portrait sculptures of dogs. I am pleased to show you some of my work. Each sculpture done by hand and is an original One of a Kind. Polymer Clay, in scale 1:10 or 1:5 (depending on the...
  7. C

    Interested in Combining Pets in Portraits

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to have more samples on my website of portraits that include separate species of animals in the same portrait -- Like a cat and a dog, or a dog and a horse, or a dog and a guinea pig.. whatever the combo. If anyone is interested, I'll do the portrait for the same...
  8. M

    Hello Hello!

    My name is Mandy, and I'm an avid dog lover!I have one little mutt..a dachschund Yorkie mix, which I lovingly shorten to dorkie :) Shes amazing, thinks shes human, and really has a thing for bacon. Her name is Laci and she truly is the highlight of my days! I also have a wonderful cat named fox...
  9. AllieMackie

    New non-pet-related art stuff

    I've been puttering away on a bunch of stuff lately that isn't pet-related, so I'm putting it here. :P Some of you who hang out in chat have seen these as I finish them, otherwise most of you haven't seen it! A commission for a friend of his WoW character. WoW characters are fun to draw, I've...
  10. L

    Timur Tsaku Dog Oil Paintings

    Look at this artust! His name is Timur Tsaku and he depicts dogs in such an amaizing way! More of his pictures on his website: Timur Tsaku
  11. bubumo

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

    I wish you:
  12. D

    Custom Caricatures of Your Pet!

    Hello All, A friend of mine just introduced me to this Forum. So glad to know you are out there. My name is Dina. People call me Doggie Doodle Dina. I paint Custom Pet Caricatures from a photo. They are called Doggie Doodles. My art captures the spirit and personality of your pet. I...
  13. S

    Hi, I'm Stinky.

    I live at (I even have cool tshirts with ME on them!) and I share my daily adventures on my new blog I hope you'll come and visit me.
  14. D

    Doc and Wyatts Virtual Travels across US!

    Come visit their blog as they travel virtually across the United States to help raise funds for pet rescue. Last year was a huge success so they are at it again! You can also sponsor them and have chances to win great art - 100% donated to rescue. No need to donate to watch them travel but...
  15. Salukigirl

    Dog Art!

    I thought I'd share some art I've done. If you want me to do one of your dog drop me a message, I don't charge much. Saluki Golden Retriever More colors...