Liver Cancer

May 22, 2010
My dog who is 12 years old had a tumor on her spleen years ago. They removed the tumor and the spleen (in the nick of time. she started bleeding in her stomach). It turned out to be benign.

A few years later she ended up getting bloat. She's only 30 lbs and I couldn't figure out why she would get bloat because it usually happens in bigger dogs. Our vet said it was probably because having her spleen removed gave the stomach more room to move around. Once again they saved her.

A couple years after that she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. She sees her heart doctor twice a year and is on medication for it.

My baby has been through a lot.

Ever since she had that tumor on her spleen, for a couple years I would take her in every few months for complete bloodwork and xrays.

Then our vet said bringing her in twice a year for bloodwork and xrays would be ok.

In November 2013, I took her in, her bloodwork and xrays came back great.

On Monday, January 6, 2014, she didn't want to eat and just wasn't herself. I called the vet and took her in.

Her ALT was 984 (should be 0-120)
Her ALP was 157 (should be 0-140) Our vet said this was really not that bad, just slightly elevated).

Everything else was complately normal.

They did an ultrasound. All her organs looked good but her liver looked abnormal.

We took her in on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 for a biopsy.

This is what the biopsy stated. (I won't give you the description because there's too much writting. If you need it, I will type it).

Hepatic neoplastic infiltration by a sarcoma of high-grade malignancy. The cell morphology supports a hemanglosarcoma.

This could represent metastasis or a primary hepatic origin and supports a poor prognosis. If there are discrepancies between this report and your clinical impressions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Our vet said this was a bad cancer. We are taking her to see an oncologist on Monday, January 13, 2014.

She's not having any symptons that I noticed. She's always been between 28-30 lbs (mostly maintaining 30 lbs). This last week, she's been 28.6 lbs. It's staying that way.

She's eating, drinking (more than normal but my husband keeps this house 80 degrees. I think she's drinking more because it's too hot and she's going potty more because she's drinking more). She wants to play but I don't throw her her toy. She just chews on it. She's not vomiting, she doesn't have diarrhea. She's really acting normal. Alittle slower but that could be because of her age.

I'm freaking out. She's my baby and I want her around for another year or so.

Can you tell me anything about this cancer?

Is there any hope?

Could it be that since in November it was good and 2 months later it was high, is caught early?

According to the ultrasound, this is the only tumor that was found. Could they remove this tumor and do chemo and extend her life for another year?

Do you think she is suitable for surgery? Could she survive the surgery with her heart murmur? A cardiogist will be they as well to monitor her heart if she can have surgery. The doctor who performed the biopsy recommends that depending on the results of the pending fine-needle aspirates, if further evaluation is desired, consultation with a sugeon regarding mass removal should be considered.

I was told this tumor can burst and she can bleed out. We're not letting her jump around. What's the chances of this thing burtsing? Can it burst if she's just laying around? Or walking slowly? This tumor is 6 cm.

How fast can this tumor spead? Is it days? Or can it take months? I don't know how fast is fast.

Is it possible it stayed in the liver without spreading?

I'm sorry for all these questions but this is my baby and I would do anything for her.

Please help me.

Thank You,

May 8, 2022
Albany NY
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