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Dec 16, 2004
i luv them favorite is the barred. I was once out at the nature sanctuary and they had the birds of prey on tethers (all wounded at one time and unable to be released) out back. So i walked around to see them.There was no one else around which made it nice too. They were all sunning themselves and a great horned owl turned to me so i whistled him a low sweet from Johnathon Livenstone seagull seems to really appeal to a lot of birds.(lonely looking sky).anyway he fluffed himself up and then looking directly at me..sang me a little low sweet song. I thought they only did the who whoooooooooo sound. Learn something new everyday! I loved my song and keep it tucked in my heart with my other treasures like that. I think of things like that when i am painting them. I once watched two barred owls bill and coo outside my mom's window. Her house is two stories and faces all woods. Oh those owls were so courtly and polite, bowing and nibbling each other with such tenderness. They are just awesome.

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