I Had A Ruff Week :(


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May 18, 2009
Hi All, it's Max the Saint Bernard. How are all you dogs doin????Well, things were goin pretty good for me. With my Auntie visiting last week and me eating up her new sneakers. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Well, ! got news on last Tuesday that my playmate from the dogpark Wags the Lab passed away. He got really sick and just like that he was gone. I haven't played much this week. Well, Mommy had some friends over today to to try to cheer me up. Mommy's friend Patty from work came over too. Well, Mommy must not have warned her about my new sneaker cravings, because you can see what she brought on her feet!

MMMmmmm...New Nikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SLURP)


Patty seems pretty cool. I think she wore them over as a yummy chewy treat to help cheer me up. Do you think she would mind if I nibbled on them alittle bit?????? Maybe she would let me give them a good hungry chew????After all, new sneakers are fair game in our house, and it would make me feel better!!!!! What do all you dogs think??????

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