1. S

    Pet Photo Contest - All Dogs Invited!

    This April, we are holding a "Cutest Pet" Photo Contest, all dogs are invited! Welcome to LuvMyPetPhoto Ask your friends to cheer your beloved pup on! Entrants as well as Voters have a chance to win cash prizes, including gift certificates to PETCO! Good luck and have fun.... :)
  2. S

    Pet Photo Contest for April

    Hi everyone, Luvmypet.com is holding the "cutest pet" photo contest for APRIL - enter or simply vote for a chance to win a $100 PETCO gift certificate.... The more people enter in the future, we will consider upping the prize. In the meantime, happy posting!!! Enter at LuvMyPetPhoto
  3. L

    Watch Adorable Live Puppy Cams and more!

    iPuppyCam.com (iPuppyCam | Puppy Cams, Breed Info and a Community for Dog Lovers!) is a website dedicated to everything puppy and features user-submitted live streams and photos of dogs, funny animal videos, resources for potential dog-owners, a breeder directory and social community. We...
  4. Bolerame

    Bolerame Boxers Reg'd

    Visit our website and view the TONS of photos of our beautiful dogs. http://www.bolerameboxers.com
  5. R

    CUTEST Puppies EVER!

    Ok, there is this site called the dailypuppy... cutest puppies you have ever seen.... seriously.... :) http://www.dailypuppy.com look at this thing!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. mom2poodles

    Mother & Pups Need Help URGENTLY!!!

    Hi, I'm a new poster here, but I've been trying to find a way to help this young family out of a kill shelter! I have taken on my capacity of rescue dogs, I don't have enough room for more, but I desperately want to get these little guys out of here! They will be killed in 3 days from the date...
  7. Agilitylabbie

    5 beagle/aussie rescue pups in Ontario

    My works latest rescues. The pups will be ready for adoption @ 8 wks. http://www.dogster.com/dogs/780045
  8. Tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy

    Tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy

    One of the smallest and cutest one we ever had.