1. L

    Why Dogs Scoot and How to Help Them Feel MUCH Better

    Have you ever seen a dog scoot across the floor? Some people who have never seen it think it's funny, but to the dog it's anything but funny! Scooting is when a dog uses his hind legs to drag his butt along the floor, sometimes fairly quickly. It usually is a sign that something is irritating...
  2. H

    My dog doesn't eat the food given.

    So around last year, I got a dog outside of Walmart. They told me he was a German shepherd lab mix. He ate normally and was overall just a puppy. He's almost a year old now and lately, he's stopped eating his food as much and started digging through the trash and eating off tables. I get he's...
  3. S

    Tie out for escape artists

    We adopted two husky puppies during the winter and were so excited to take them camping. We put their light harnesses on them that we use for walks only to find that they could back out of them in the blink of an eye. The 7mo ran around a tree and gave two quick yanks and took off running...
  4. Bolerame

    Responsible Breeders websites

    If you are a responsible breeder who shows, health tests, registers your puppies with a governing national club and is intent on preserving and improving your breed then you are welcome to post your website on this thread. Please state what breed(s) and post your website address. Backyard or...
  5. J

    I'm a photographer serving the Southeastern US

    Hello animal lovers, I am photographer serving the southeastern US. I live in northwest Alabama and I am willing to travel. Would you like a professional photo session with your pet? Just send me a message and I will be happy to get back to you!
  6. M

    What kind of dogs are these?

    Hi, I'm a first time dog owner, and I just bought these dogs - the previous owner said they are a shih tzu / chiwawa mix, but that can't be right. I was hoping you could help me figure out what type of dog they are so I have an idea of how large they will grow to be. They're brother and sister.
  7. B

    Need Buyers for Your Pups?

    Hi guys, I just started a pet breeder directory, if you’d like to create a profile page. With all your contact information in one place, plus information about your breeding history, available animals etc, you can use your profile as a business card / brochure - handing it out wherever you...
  8. K

    Two sweet pittie puppies now living their lives on chains...PLEASE HELP ME!

    (Please read to the end..sorry for the length of it!) Hi there everyone. I'm brand new to this forum. In desperate need of somehow getting connected with rescue people within my area that can in someway help. I'm a college student who works part time in retail and lives with my parents and have...
  9. M

    Basenji wanted near St. Louis, Missouri

    Hello, I live about one and half hours south east of St. Louis, Missouri and am very interested in the basenji breed. I have been researching them for over two years and I want to interact with a basenji and talk to their owner about their experiences before coming to a final decision. You do...
  10. Emily

    Your favorite breeding/whelping/rearing resources

    No, nothing happening LOL. Just curious to learn more about breeding, whelping, and rearing, and figured you guys would have some good info. Anything from choosing the stud to placing puppies can go here! Books, links, videos... put them here! Of if you'd just like to type out some thoughts and...
  11. D

    Labrador Trio singing the Star Spangled Banner

    Took maybe 30 minutes but it was worth it!
  12. S

    Site for dog lovers from Poland

    Site for dog lovers :banana: where community can read/write posts, articles, and post comments to each article. Everyone one has its own blog, wall, photo gallery where the most interesting things are published from puppies' life. Users can add dogs' photos, films and much more. There is also...
  13. M

    Bunk makes a friend (pics!)

    Great news! A friend of our let us take care of her dog for a couple of days and Bunk didn't completely freak out! Haha :P While Bunk wasn't an angel he did behave himself much better than he normally does :mrgreen: Check out some of the pics here as well as some good laughs. Lady and Bunk
  14. M

    Pug blog (going too far?)

    As a lot of people on this forum know, I write a blog about my pug, Bunk, and enjoy sharing his stories with my friends, family member, and dog lovers around the internet. My favorite posts to write are the misadventures of Bunk, written entirely from his perspective. However, my girlfriend and...
  15. M

    Poor little puppy (new pics)

    Another tough week for Bunk. First he gets neutered, then he's not allowed to do anything fun because of the surgery, then he has explosive diarrhea, then he catches a cold. Worst part is that he is now teething so I'm getting attacked by his mouth every five seconds :yikes: Oh well, at...
  16. M

    Puppy officially knows when he is being bad

    My puppy, Bunk, officially knows when he is being bad. As a general rule, we do not let Bunk into our room unless he is in his crate or we have him on our bed. Early today Bunk ran into the room after I left the door open and went right after my girlfriend's stuffed animals. The minute I walked...
  17. M

    Favorite Chew Toy

    What is your dog's favorite chew-toy? Other than my fingers, I realized today that Bunk's favorite chew-toy is his bed. In no particular order: 1. Fingers 2. Bed 3. Kong 4. Gross stuffed bear 5. Shoes 6. Bags and purses 7. Socks :lol-sign::lol-sign::lol-sign:
  18. M

    Corgi Puppycam

    Panda's Puppies on USTREAM: Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies due January 17-18th. By Ch. Summithill Super Hero "Chris" and Marpran Heaven's On Fire, "Panda". B... Puppies due 1/17 or 1/18. Come look at the boring pregnant dog sleeping, have a chat, whatever. Won't be "live"...
  19. J

    Penny and her litter's Website

    There are lots of pics, a story written by the woman who built the webpage (she got one of Penny's puppies), even stories and pictures from the people who got Penny's other puppies. On the "new homes" pages, there are update buttons at the bottom of the pages which were written later by those...
  20. S

    Great Source For Dog News

    Hi Everyone, I found an awesome newsletter that sums up the month's best dog (at cat) news as well as other fun MISC stuff. You can check it out at Pet Vaccinations: Dog Vaccines, Cat Vaccines at Luv My Pet - Petco This month's feature story was about an Australian Cattle dog that survived...