1. J

    I'm a photographer serving the Southeastern US

    Hello animal lovers, I am photographer serving the southeastern US. I live in northwest Alabama and I am willing to travel. Would you like a professional photo session with your pet? Just send me a message and I will be happy to get back to you!
  2. SharkBait

    Long Overdue Matisse Photoshoot!

    It occurred to me that I hadn't went on a little photo shoot with my own dog Matisse in so long, and after looking through all the picture threads here I felt motivated to take some new photos of my little one! So I took him to a local park and brought my DSLR and some treats. Luckily he...
  3. P

    Camera People - Help me find a lens?

    I know there are a ton of good photographers hers so hopefully someone can help me out. Please know that I know very little about cameras. Basically I'm looking for a decent zoom lens for my Nikon D3000. I've been looking mostly on Amazon at Nikon lenses and reading the reviews given...
  4. customminds

    junie the Rescue

    Sorry for being gone a few days, we also just adopted Junie and its been taking up a lot of free time. For whatever its worth, here is a link to her new blog. for a boxer, shes quite smart. Junie the Rescue Boxer Very sweet dog! Also, if anyone is interested in city panoramas, I just...
  5. customminds

    Our new dog...

    We are adopting a boxer from a rescue. This last weekend we went and did a meet & greet with a few favorites. By the end of the meeting, I completely forgot who was who. Either I am getting older, or all the boxers started looking the same. We should pick her up this Friday evening. I am...