1. multipet

    MultiPet - Pet Toys and Grooming

    For more than 20 years, MultiPet has been providing quality pet products that are paired with unique designs and durable materials that are made to last! Since our establishment in 1995, we have been recognized as the leading supplier of pet products within the pet industry. Whether you are in...
  2. R

    Agnes, My Chihuahua

    On July 11, 2020 my Apple Head Chihuahua dog passed away. Her name was Agnes. She was nine years old. I found her dead about 10 PM. I was about to go to bed but immediately knew there was no need to go to bed. When I found her dead in the kitchen, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get any sleep...
  3. P

    Hello from PET VOICE ART, Houston, TX

    Hello, We want your opinion on a new Pet product, so help us out please. We record your Pets voice and convert it to ART. Please give us some feedback. Thanks
  4. L

    Would you like to sample and review our pet food?

    We would love any members of Chazhound forum to review our Laughing Dog Food – if you would like a free sample, all you have to do is email [email protected] with your address and your official forum name and then please post a review to let your fellow forum members know what you...
  5. M

    New Site for Sharing Pet videos!

    Hi, I have just open up a new site for sharing pet videos. You are all welcome to join and become a part of us. Uploaded your favorite pet videos, watch a nice selection of funny dogs and cat videos and more. Create your own Pet/ Animal Video Groups so people with same interest can join...
  6. P

    Cutest Pet Contest, winner gets 1,000 credits + $1,000 donated to animal rescue. Cutest Pet Contest! Prize Details Upload a photo of your pet for a chance to win cutest pet, then get your friends and relatives to vote for your pet! You can do this! The winner gets 1000 credits for shopping on Credits can be used on items like...
  7. J

    The House Pet Journal

    Hi, My wife and I have been really into our house pets since we were just kids, I set us up a website at The House-Pet Journal where you can go to get tips, tricks, advice, recommendations and more from her 100% free of charge. We really hope you like it and any questions, recommendations or...
  8. P

    Paws to Consider

    Frequent conversations with the owners of amputee dogs got me thinking about a few things: The sun is out, and you are planning to spend a few of your vacation days getting some work done in the yard. Great! Now, go get your weed killers, your pesticides and other yard chemicals… and take...
  9. customminds

    junie the Rescue

    Sorry for being gone a few days, we also just adopted Junie and its been taking up a lot of free time. For whatever its worth, here is a link to her new blog. for a boxer, shes quite smart. Junie the Rescue Boxer Very sweet dog! Also, if anyone is interested in city panoramas, I just...
  10. My speical gift#1

    My speical gift#1

    My friends are raving about this photo. My enlargement of lovely pet picture looks much more special.
  11. S

    Pet Photo Contest for April

    Hi everyone, is holding the "cutest pet" photo contest for APRIL - enter or simply vote for a chance to win a $100 PETCO gift certificate.... The more people enter in the future, we will consider upping the prize. In the meantime, happy posting!!! Enter at LuvMyPetPhoto
  12. S

    Pet Photo Contest

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to let you know about a pet photo contest. Submit your pet's photo. Go to Pet Vaccinations: Dog Vaccines, Cat Vaccines at Luv My Pet - Petco then scroll to middle of page in the Photo Contest section and "Click Here" to submit. WINNER gets $100 gift certificate to PETCO...
  13. Pretty_Bird


  14. G

    Dog Photo Contest

    Happy National Pet Appreciation Week! In Honor of National Pet Appreciation Week, Green Mountain Pet Professionals is having a Dog Photo Contest! The top 20 dog photos I have taken to date are posted at the webpage below. Please be sure to vote for your favorite photo. You can vote for as...
  15. Valentines or Sweetest Day

    Valentines or Sweetest Day makes unique gifts for any holiday or occasion. Their gift "cakes" are like baby shower diaper cakes for dogs. Cool for the owner to receive, attention getting, and loaded with pet treats and toys.
  16. Happy Birthday Bow-Wow

    Happy Birthday Bow-Wow Makes these really cool inedible gifts for puppy showers, pet birthdays, welcoming celebrations and more get togethers. Cake forms are made from housetraing pads and are loaded with dog treats and toys.
  17. Maddie


    Maddie wearing her hoodie :)