1. Oko

    Looking for canon camera suggestions?

    Okay, so I'm saving up for two things: A camera/equipment, and a puppy to take the pictures of. You know about the puppy, let's talk about the camera. I currently use/have a 350D/rebel xt. Primarily because it is my sister's and one day she will spread her wings and fly away, but also because...
  2. P

    Camera People - Help me find a lens?

    I know there are a ton of good photographers hers so hopefully someone can help me out. Please know that I know very little about cameras. Basically I'm looking for a decent zoom lens for my Nikon D3000. I've been looking mostly on Amazon at Nikon lenses and reading the reviews given...
  3. SharkBait

    MirrorBloggin' ...everyone does it! Post Yours!

    I don't know why... but when there's a camera in hand... and a reflective surface... it always happens! and it always seems to be those ones where you cover half your face with your camera! Haha, well just for fun. Here's my latest one! I wanna see yours!
  4. SharkBait

    Buying a DSLR... Can anyone help me out?

    You guys have probably been asked the same camera questions about 793 times...BUT i got one too :D So camera people.... I love photography and I'm hoping to buy a new camera in the summer, a DSLR that is, but at the moment all i have is a Nikon Coolpix point & shoot...and limited knowledge...
  5. Mom Got A New Camera!!

    Mom Got A New Camera!!

    Got a new camera for Easter.. and Minnie is not very happy about it!