1. dignity

    Happy 1st Birthday, Nessie!!

    Nessie is 1 year old today!! I adopted her after losing one of my pyrenees to osteosarcoma. I admit, when she moved in, I wasn't ready for a pup, but Loki (my remaining pyrenees) needed a companion (he was a mess)! For as grumpy as Loki is, it took him 1 week 1 day to accept Nessie as a...
  2. SharkBait

    Matisse is Two!!

    As of yesterday.... Here’s some silly pictures from yesterday! Oh and t’was also a public holiday here in Northeren Ireland yesterday too, so he sported his union jack bandana! Enjoying his new toy
  3. SharkBait

    Happy 1st Birthday Matisse [Part 2!!] Pawwty Time!

    So it’s been a week since his birthday, and I’ve finally sorted his birthday bash photos! He had a little celebration at home, then we took him to a country park and beach, which he LOVED! So here’s the proof! Where’s Ma Party Puppy At?? Homemade Doggy treat buns, YEY...
  4. SharkBait

    Happy 1st Birthday Matisse! [Part1] *A Sentimental Picture Thread*

    Matisse is 1 year old today! I can’t believe it, I still talk about his puppyhood as if it were yesterday! Here he is at a teeny 7 weeks old, the day we took him home from the Dogs Trust shelter… I’ve seen him live out his cute moments, get into all sorts of trouble and make...
  5. B

    I'm so sneaky...

    Tomorrow is Mom's birthday... I think she thinks I forgot. She's been completely distraught since Ted had to be put down... Recently she's really fallen in love with one of our Fosters... A corgi mix named Betsy... Guess what I did?? I called up Bob and he is on the way with adoption...
  6. Happy 1st Birthday

    Happy 1st Birthday

    I love this picture.... Monty's first birthday on February 2, 2006.