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    Hello Everyone....

    welcome! hi there. i also do not know you but i do want to give you a warm welcome to chazhound. im also quite new here and so far its been amusing, entertaining and i get a lot of valuable info about so many things. anyway, make sure to post your pics soon. see ya! :) tanya and dixie
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    Another Convert

    welcome! stunningly good looking?! :lol-sign: anyway welcome to chazhound. make sure to post some pics of your pets. see you around. tanya and dixie :)
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    what do you think about this food?

    here's an article i read about what's essential in a dog's diet. i found it really useful. i have a basset hound and i dont have any problems on feeding her. actually im even thinking of lessening her food because she's gaining to much weight. lol anyway, here's the link. hope this proves...
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    Update on Joey's Progress....(PICS)

    hi It's nice to see that Joey's wound is healing just fine. I'm just wondering what happened to him? Great pics by the way. Your dogs look so cute and happy. :)
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    Hi everybody!

    Thanks Hey thanks for the quick reply Erin. I'll really consider your suggestion and get my Dixie chipped. :) tanya
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    Dog Arthritis And 6 Step To Prevent

    I also saw this site about dog arthritis. I found it very informative as well. Here's the link:
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    Hi everybody!

    Thanks Hi everyone. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Yes, I'll make sure to post some more pics of my Dixie. On another note, does anyone know anything about pet microchipping? I saw an article about it and I dont know if I should get my pet "chipped." Well, anyway here's the link that...
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    Hi everybody!

    Hi everyone. My name is Tanya and my dog's name is Dixie. She is a basset hound and has been with me since she was a puppy. Hope to touch base with fellow dog lovers here as well as to get more information about dogs in general. :)