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    I'm backkkkkkk

    Dont worry Zoomie, when I finish unpacking (just moved into my own place ) I am sure I will find my camera charger hidden in all the mess and will get it out and going. Poor Spy and Kodak are lacking in the picture department as well, its been atleast a year since any new pics!!!!
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    I'm backkkkkkk

    Been working and havent had a net connection, cept thru my phone, which is a little hard to get on chaz with, btw. Spy is great. Bred her in July, lost both pups at birth, but she has recovered and is doing good. She got her RN in July as well. Now she is just enjoying being a lazy bum...
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    I'm backkkkkkk

    Peek a Boo!!!!!!! I have faitfully returned to my ChazHound message board!!!! Way to much to talk about in one post... but here is my one big HIIIII:lol-sign: Glad to be back in the mess of things! Ryan
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    Such a cutie!
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    He's gone...

    Im so very sorry for your loss Nikki :( Run free Frankie
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    7 y/o boy goes on zoo killing spree

    I admit, I once killed a frog in my backyard. And I still feel bad to this day. Everytime I see a frog, in my mind I go " IM SORRY!".... its been years and I still remember it. I think this child has some serious issues that need to be worked out. Hopefully he can get the help he needs, and...
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    Aaron just got home. (GOOD news)

    Whoo Hoo So glad to hear things are looking up for you two!
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    The middle name thread got me wondering...

    If I ever have kids, I really like the name Riley Yvonne for a girl. For a boy, I like Preston , cant think of a middle name to go with it LOL
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    Debate Flowchart for Palin

    I'm a redneck gal, and I dont even like her. She needs to stick to what she knows: hockey and waving at Russia ;)
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    What is the oddest job you have had?

    I havent had really a "odd" job, but the worst was def. being a telemarketer... Ugggg some of those phone calls are still priceless. Its amazing how rude and horrid people can be when they are on the other end of a phone call.
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    It's official

    Woot Hoo congrats Fran! How wonderful! Im so happy for you!
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    Football rant: The Cowboys

    Its neverrrrr going to go away. You can run, but you can't hideeeee
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    Football rant: The Cowboys

    How about a big " OH NO YOU DIDNT!" Born and rasied on Cowboy football LOL Seen thier ups, seen thier downs.... so I say to you HOW ABOUT DEM COWBOYS?!
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    Kenneling dogs--question for those with DA dogs

    Having worked in a boarding kennel for 5 months, I would venture to say that he will be ok. We had DA dogs come in all the time, and atleast in our kennel situation, the inside was concrete, so they couldn't see the dogs next to them, and the only time they could see the other dogs was for the...